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Month 4 it is!

I know I don't post often but I just thought I'd check in after completing 3 months. What on earth has been going on? Why are the moderators being so heavy-handed? I guess there won't be a forum left by the time I reach month 5. What a pity. Anyway, I guess that'll be me gone now. Thanks to those of you who are left. Your words of encouragement saw me through some dark days. Good luck to my fellow November quitters Sparkle and Christine. Xx

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And how very well your doing hold tight to your quit.

Amazing , very well done from me


Bettymacboo, awesome name :) well done on reaching month 4, and don't worry, the forum will definitely still be here when you reach month 5 I'm sure xx


Lovely to see you've made it. You gave me inspiration as you were 2 weeks ahead of me and living proof it could be done. Take care and all the best :) xxx


A quarter of a year, top job! :)

Looking at that picture, you have an odd shoreline where you live :p

Are you nicely settled in your quit now, I hope so :)


Never could get to grips with this! Can't do smileys and photo wouldn't go the right way. Still! Caroline, good to see you still here. I did mean you and not Christine. :-). Xx


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