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At the end of day one!!!!

Hi thought I would introduce myself!!

My names Vicky and I am now at the very end of day 1...whoopee!! I have never been a very heavy smoker (unless drinking) but with 3 little girls now is the time to stop being selfish and caring about their future as well as mine!!

I am going cold turkey, although I have also just finished Alann Carrs "The EASYWAY" and this time does feel different, I seem to be able to rationalise and wave off cravings a lot better as well as stop myself justifying why lighting up 1 would be ok!!

So here I am at the end of day 1 and excited for day 2!! Xx

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Welcome Vicky and another welcome to the Cold Turkey from the beginning club :)

I'm glad your first day went so well, but don't discount using some form of NRT if you find cold turkey too hard, it's better than starting to smoke again :cool:

I found that controlled deep breathing (mimicking smoking but without the fag) really helped in the early weeks.

If you can go cold turkey all the way through then great, you only go through withdrawal once, but as I say, use help if needed.

The most successful quitters on here are those that post regularly every day, whether they are feeling good or bad. Stick to the forum and you will get all the support and help you want:)


hi Vicky and well done. Sounds like you have 3 lovely reasons to quit :)


With a very warm welcome from me, such a wonderful time when indeed we realise we want to quit, added with the fact of getting your first day done, brilliant.

Please post and read often, If your struggling, just post we will be there to get you past that moment intime.

Hope you have a good day to day.

Great decision , lovely to have you on board


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