am i crazy???

Evening all. just a quick post while waiting for my husband to settle daughter down so we can crack on with film and wine.

i am after some advice. i am now on day 5 of quitting smoking and thinking of knocking champix on the head. I have now been on it two weeks but have already cut down to one pill a day and i really don't want to be reliant on it. i just kinda think while i am still in the ahhhhh stages i may as well come off them and deal with it as after all i am over the physical withdrawal. does that make sense or am i just asking for trouble? any advice appreciated. happy valentines everyone chloe xxx

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  • I went cold turkey this time but have tried Champix twice..

    I'm certain the reason I failed on them ocassions was because I stopped taking them too early, not sure if it's sciemtifically correct or I just wasn't ready, but both times I stopped the pills because I thought i was safe - I started smoking within a week.

  • I quit cold turkey so cannot help im afraid but congratulations on going even stronger and the fact that you are giving this a lot of thought will mean that you will succeed either route that you decide to go.

    Happy valentines as well

  • I really wouldnt advise cutting it out this early but at the end of the day.. only You know how you feel.

    Whenever you decide to get off them make sure you taper off them gradually.

    well done on 5 days! :D

  • I have no idea about champix chloe but im sure with the right frame of mind and positive attitude whatever you decide will work for you, have a great evening xx

  • In answer to your question;

    am i crazy???

    I would say yes :) way too early to stop taking Champix.

    I managed to stop smoking using Champix but only after a course of nearly 3 months, same as lostie.

    I remember still smoking on day 10 of the course and gradually weaning myself off the tablets towards the end.

    But whatever suits you :)

  • Thanks everyone, yes i think you are right, going to continue on one a day for at least the next few weeks xxx

  • Yeah defo stay with them I was losing the plot on full dose so went to see my "Heath care professional" and she simple said just cut them in half so half in morning and half at night that worked a treat and brought me back from the outer limits lol phew freaky lol, however 5 weeks smoke free and no inclination to do so, so I'm happy. Thought I was sailing through it with the Champix but then i got loads of side effects felt completely out of touch with reality unable to stay awake and zero concentration, but cut down to half dose and all is well however I do have some swelling around my knuckles and toes that I'm putting down to champix as I never ever had any problems like this before and they just literally arrived at the same time, that said I'd rather that than smoke

  • Hi, I went cold turkey as I had flu and couldn't smoke( I really tried) and was too ill to buy them. Cold turkey for me was really difficult and very unpleasant. I would not have succeeded if I had been well. I think in any new quit it would be safer to keep the safety net in place as you've come so far it is not worth the risk of failing, however slight. What you are doing is amazing :)

  • Yes your crazy like all of us on here, but far from crazy for quitting smoking, your doing really well, I went CT Christmas day, never done anything to equal it before or since

  • Unless you stay on NRT forever, everybody goes cold turkey eventually, it's just a matter of what point in a quit you do it.

    If you feel you can cope then do what you feel is right for you, you can always go back to it or use patches or something if you really, really can't do it.

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