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Where have all my friends gone?

I have been so ill and can only log on for a few mins as have vertigo,,,, its sooo horrid and I am so ill and cant make head nor tail of all this madness going on in this forum.

Today I need support to carry on with my quit, without this support I am going to struggle big time.

My home life is about as sad as it gets right now with my dear mum who is just so lovely and is going to leave me at some point due to stupid cancer. Please air all your differences quietly and let everyone get on with helping each other.

I am not smoking people

Max, Tea, Tractorgirl, Kat ect I miss you all so much I am now almost crying as you are usually all here and I feel so lonely

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Thank you Alfie and Jenny xx


Hi Gerti3 really sorry your suffering with the head zaps, they are very debilitating, make sure you don't make any sudden moves and make sure you keep your fluid levels up.

Sorry to hear that your Mum is very poorly, I also lost both my Parents to the big C, Take care and G Bless


Am very sorry to hear you are having such a bad time, but it's great that despite what is happening around you, you have still managed to hang onto your quit, take care and well done for sticking to it x


It's just such a horrid time, and smoking won't change anything, I,m so sorry to hear re you mum, our mums are special, I did not get the chance to say good by to my mum, she passed away on my birthday, when I was out the country, I always feel I just did not get the chance to say good by and THANKYOU.

Vertigo is truly truly nasty, and does indeed take time to recover from, so saying a prayer your well soon.

You don't have to stay strong, you just don't have to smoke ,

Thinking of you, and while it all seems to much, somehow we find strength, and you will to

Just hang tight to your quit my friend


Thanks for all your posts. I am so sad and the forum seems a sad place right now.

My stupid cold turned to labarynthitis which is why I have been spinning since last Friday. I also have an ear infection and life has been horrid this week but I am not craving and I am also NRT free.

Sorry to read about your parents Mod 1


thank you xx


Hello Gerti I'm quite a new one here, I have been clear of the dreaded weed for 18 months now, nearly didn't make it to my 63rd birthday. So sorry to hear your Mum is poorly, I have a couple of friends who have suffered and come through. A BIG HUG for you both, we are thinking of you.xx


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