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Hi everyone;

Im new here, im on day 5 and getting along OK. im using Champix to beat this!!

I was wondering if anyone took up any new hobbies as a result of quitting? Im finding myself bored and clock watching has no meaning now Lol.

At work i took regular breaks due to cigarettes and find myself not moving from behind my desk much now.

Im not a particularly active person but would like to hear from anyone that has taken up a hobby they perhaps wouldnt have due to smoking?

Thanks all!!!

Nat x

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A huge warm welcome from me, come on in settle down, your amongst friends, may I say how very well your doing, so please keep us updated with your progress, positive , negative, struggling, happy, what ever just post and read, it helps.

Hobbies, I,m a enthusiastic cook, so I guess have tried a few more recipes that indeed take a tad longer than your average cooking, and it helped pass the time, you will settle and one day you just won't think about smoking.

Doing great


Morning Frenchie and a Big Fat Welcome to the forum from me too. :D

Many congratulations on making the best decision you will ever make and on getting the best part of a week under your belt. Aren't you doing splendidly well? I hope you will use the weekend to pamper yourself because you deserve a big pat on the back and some treats. :)

Damn good title for a thread too if I may say so. I absolutely know what you mean about having time on your hands. It was only after I quit that I fully realised how much time I actually spent in smoking...scary....:o...and as you have found, you really do need to fill every minute at first don you?

Like Tracey, I'm a bit of a foodie so I spent (and, indeed, spend) a lot of time pottering around the kitchen making things. I'm particularly addicted to making preserves (jam, chutney, pickles, etc) so I certainly doubled up on that (I'm stewing some rhubarb for rhubarb & ginger jam as we speak and have already made two batches of marmalade this year) and I also spent heaps more time in the garden last year (pruning/cutting back/clearing brambles is a great way of dealing with a crave ;)). I was always pretty active, and I maxed out on that too- I walked even more than I was before (we spend our holidays fell walking so have to keep fairly fit between times) and started swimming again, and I also discovered I enjoyed running (I'm running a half marathon in a months time- something I could never have contemplated managing when I still smoked!) Not only did I lose a lot of weight (result :)) but exercise also releases 'feel good' chemicals which really does help in dealing with the nicotine withdrawal.

If I was any good at sewing/crochet/knitting I would have taken that up too but I'm not. There are loads of people on the forum who are, however, and I know they've found it an excellent form of therapy. You should see the lovely blanket that Tea made recently, not to mention the little cardi she knitted.

I am sure there will be heaps of other ideas and suggestions. If all else fails clean the house. I can think of many who would agree that our houses never looked so pristine as they did during the first few months of our quits....

All the best to you Frenchie- may your weekend be a blinder- and do keep us posted on how things are going.


Thank you so much for your responses i really didnt think anyone would post!!

I have been going for walks on my lunch break but all of my work friends smoke so i have been going on my own To make sure I avoid temptation.

I dont know why but i have always liked the idea of running but ive always been too tight chested and out of breath and have always given up!

I do cross stitch as my sister is expecting in August so I do like making a picture for new babies as a gift. I haven't picked it up this week as the champix has been making me feel really dazed and spaced out, work has been a mare lol.

I cant believe how much time was spent on smoking and i just want to keep as busy as possible. To be honest ive been stalking these pages since the beginning of my quit and its helped tonnes, its so lovely how everyone is so very supportive.



So glad you've 'dunlurkin' Nat, and taken the plunge. It's really good to meet you. :D

How clever of you to be able to cross stitch! And how lovely that your sister is expecting.....I think we need photos of some of the new baby pics you make. In facr, I'm increasingly of the opinion that we could collectively set up a Forum Farm Shop & Craft Centre with all our respective talents :)

As for the running....I know what you mean about being tight chested & breathless. Part of my reason for quitting was that I was getting increasingly out of breath when trying to climb fells. Now I can run up hills with no difficulty...It's such a difference and I don't think I shall ever get over the novelty!


Hi frenchie... its so true that you have more time that you want to fill. My advice would be to do something that you liked to do before.... or maybe try something that you have always wanted to do. Definitely exercise is always good and you will be able to reap the health benefits. .. just don't try to do too much toi soon :)


Fishing, not since I quit, been fishing for a long time, but I find I tend to actually fish more rather than smoking!


My hobbies are definitely the games, candy crush, any word game, solitaire they all keep me entertained for ages plus reading a good book always does the trick x


Hi everyone... I would like to hear from anyone that has taken up a hobby they perhaps wouldnt have due to smoking?

Nat x

Swimming! The water would have kept putting my cigars out :p


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