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No Smoking Day
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Popping in!

Just thought I'd pop in and say hello! I'm still trucking onwards and feeling so happy! Don't know how many weeks it is now as I don't keep track of the time anymore. My app says 113 days. To all those starting out on this journey, however bad it gets just hang in there. This feeling is second to none! I've defo crossed over some mental hurdle and feel fantastic! Why I didn't even try to give up years ago I'll never know. Smoking helps nothing! Keep strong everyone and good luck xxx

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Wow...Dolores...what a wonderful post! :D The optimism and joy just shines out.

When that switch in the brain flicks over it really is a watershed moment isn't it? I'm so pleased it has happened for you and I know exactly what you mean about the feeling being second to none. And look at you- already nearly 1/3 of the way to the Penthouse! There's going to be SUCH a party come the autumn. :)

Have a wonderful weekend and keep warm. :)


Well you are surely one of life's optimists, and indeed doing so very well, you have the resolve to go all the way to the penthouse, and I will be applauding you.

Your doing fantastic, it's quite magical when not only do we try to quit, but indeed we realise we are quitting. And doing it well

Fantastic , just keep going


Many congratulations Dolores. So lovely to hear how well you are doing.


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