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If ever there was another reason!

Have had a terrible nasty loose tooth for some time, and bless the hygienist has tried to look after, but then WHAM, ATE SOMETHING HUGE PAIN, JUST DREADFUL that was a couple of days ago, At dentist to day, my tooth has to come out, as the bone in my gums is subsiding only dud to smoking, so may be they can do a implant, but not sure if there is enough bone left, it's right at the front.

So if your trying quit this could be you in a few years time, just keep going with your quit. You won't regret it.

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Yes the tooth In question has dropped, the pain is intense, £380 to day, that's for the tooth extraction, and a temporary denture to be fitted next week, not feeling great that's for sure !!


I,m just soooo terrified of dentist, mine is 25 miles away he has me over a barrel, he's knows it to. Just a night mare for me, I do so wonder, I must have been a terror in my past life, if it wasn't for bad luck, I would have no luck at all , to say I,m fed up is a understatement,


Wishing you all the best Tracey. Had a tooth out last month and it ruddy smarts xxx


Tracey, it really is one thing after the other at the moment isn't it? You poor girl....:(

All I can say is that the wheel of fortune just HAS to turn in your favour soon (and when it does, I shall hope & expect all sorts of wonderful things to happen :)). In the meantime, more (gentle) hugs heading your way.

Have you tried clove oil on the affected tooth to numb the pain? My OH is troubled with his teeth and he really does find it works...


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