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Need a little help from my friends!!!!!

Sorry folks, its been a while since I've been on, been very busy with work and evenings are spent entertaining my son lol!

As some of you may know, I stopped the patches at the weekend as I was getting headaches and all has been well.

However, I started to get concerned with my use of lozengers, I seem to rely on them quite a lot, it almost feels like as soon as I finish one, I start another. The only time I dont appear to be using one is whenever I'm eating!!!

So last night I though sod it, threw out the rest of the lozengers but finding it tough today, I know its mind over matter and I did have some gum so have used that but its rotten. I'm finding my mouth quite tense, probably because its expecting a lozenger in there.

Aww from one problem to another, anyone offer any advice??

I worry that I've jumped the gun too early but I think I was too dependent on the lozengers and I didnt think that was good!

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Aww thank you Kat, sounds like a plan! I'll stock up on frozen grapes and seeds & nuts, trying to be good weight wise too! Would you believe, its not the want of a fag, that doesnt appeal to me but now I feel edgy without my lozengers! Finding this harder than the actual fags! Unreal this addiction, thats why I'm going to beat it once and for all this time!!


Hi Mrs, good to see you on here again, I too agree with Tea, strong flavours are excellent, believe it or not tunes are good, have you ever tried smoking after a tune?...blooming vile! keep going lovely xx


Thanks my lovelies, I think I'm going to get the lower strength ones, I was on 4mg, then down to 2mg so will try the 1mg. I'm something like 25 days free and this has been my hardest day yet so I think its too early for me and theres no way in hell I'm losing this one so if it means the lozengers for a bit longer then no harm done.

Still going to try the frozen grapes and seeds Kat and it will help me eat better any maybe eat less of the lozengers.

Thanks again everyone xxx


Wrestling with wet fish may help?


Mrs M, whatever it takes is good, we are all unique, all the advice you have been given is great, just don't smoke, I,ll say again, just don't smoke, grapes, the rumba, water, what ever just keep going with your quit, doing fantastic ,


If it is any help, Mrs M, after I ditched the patches I used the 1.5mg lozenges and found they really did the trick. As you are (very wisely I think) planning to do, I weaned myself off them gradually. I managed to get down to one per day quite easily but it was oddly hard to ditch that last one (but once I did, it took only a couple of days before everything felt normal again). :)

Re the mouth action (ooh err ;)) I swore (and indeed, still swear) by sugar-free gum. Some of them are really tasty and of course, you can chew away for as long as you need to.

You're not half doing well Mrs! :D:D:D


Just an update folks, got myself some 1mg lozengers and doing well again :-)

Thanks everyone


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