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TWO YEARS (and a couple of weeks!!)

I am not sure if anyone will remember me... I joined in January 2013 and probably spent a good six months whining and venting and obsessively reading what other people were going through to reassure myself I wasn’t crazy! Anyway (a sure sign that I don’t miss being chained to a stinky cancer stick) I totally forgot it was my two year mark a few weeks ago. I couldn’t even remember my password to get back in here because it’s been so long. As soon as it hit me I wanted to pop by because (and I am sure people say this all the time) if I can get to this place anyone can… It’s a weird feeling when you realise that you truly don’t think about smoking and this THING doesn’t govern your life anymore. I don’t really have any tips or wisdom that anyone else hasn’t shared (and probably said more eloquently), I just want to urge everyone on this journey to have faith and KEEP GOING. There will be days you want to scream, punch the walls and generally throw in the towel, but try and push on for just one more hour…Soon the hours will become days, the days weeks and the weeks months…Just be strong and keep going. It really is the best decision you ever will make :)

I hope all those who had their last puff around the same time as me are well and soldiering on. I couldn’t have done this without you :o

Love n light and hopefully I will remember to check back in a year xxxHanxxx

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So wonderful when I read post by long term quitter, fantastic news, brilliant


In fact, that's one absolutely Han-Tastic achievement! :cool: (I'll get me coat...)

Seriously, many congratulations from me Han and thanks for popping your head around the door to share your experiences with us. May your Year Three be a mighty one. :)


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