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It is too soon????


Hiya folks,

My NRT method of choice has been patches and lozengers but lately I've been getting lots of headaches so I'm putting it down to too much nicotine therefore I used my last patch yesterday (higher dose ) and have decided not to get anymore and just use the lozengers, I just hope I haven't jumped the gun to early but I was forgetting to put the patch on until later in the morning so I thought I mustn't need it that much!

Four weeks free this evening and moving into month one :)

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If u feel like u dont need it anymore then the time right and u can always go bak 2 if u think u need 2 GOOD LUCK

Hi Mrs mash - when I used patches I found the way to reduce their effect was to cut them in half thus reducing the intake. it worked for me :D

I couldn't get on with patches at all, never lasted longer than half an hour with one on. I did use the 1mg lozenges (found the 2mg ones too strong) and they worked well for me.

The good news is, you know your own body, you can always go back if needed,I to used the patch, however, i did stay on for longer than recommended,but am nicotine free, do what's right for you.

Just keep going doing brilliant

Well done you

Afternoon Mrs M :)

If it is any help, I did exactly what you are intending to do and it worked for me. I stopped using the patches after the first 4 weeks mainly because I had a batch that wouldn't stay stuck and I found I wasn't noticing when they fell off. I used the 1.5mg lozenges for a further week or two and then stopped using them too (though I carried them around with me for some months just in case, like a security blanket :o).

I think it's worth going for and as Tracey & Sheppard have said, you can always start using the patches again if it proves to be too soon for you.

All the best and Well Done on your blistering progress so far! This is the one for you I am certain. Penthouse here you come! :D

Thanks folks, no patch and survived the day with less headaches :)

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