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3 years today for me :)

Hi all. Today is 3 years since I quit smoking - the best thing I ever did.

To mark the occasion, I've resurrected the post where we determined the statistics for Jan 2012 quitters. Congratulations to you all.

Final entry to Penthouse for January 2012 quitters

Congratulations to Aitch & gina1506 on reaching the Penthouse.:)

Dapower Jan-01 * cold turkey

ppat324 Jan-01* NRT

Tracy71 Jan-01* NRT

Ace_Wisdom Jan-01* cold turkey

Catfink Jan-01* cold turkey

steelfixer Jan-07* cold turkey

pauloassis Jan11* NRT

1Bluetree Jan11* NRT

Lance Reed Jan-14* cold turkey

nonico Jan-19* champix

pammiewammie Jan-19* champix

lefoy123 Jan-22* NRT

Capitan Jan 26 * cold turkey

Rochelle Jan 26* NRT

Aitch Jan 30* NRT

gina1506 Jan 30 * cold turkey

With a 38% success rate, January 2012 quitters have done very well. :)

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Flipping well done from me, Nonico. I do love it when the Penthouse Alumni make an appearance. :D

Nice to see that some of the Names are still around and active. :)


Well done Nonico :)

My 3 years is fast approaching too!

That stat of 38% of January 2012 quitters making 1 year still amazes me, it would be great if we could find out how many of us are still quit.

There are 4 of us who are still around on here, but I'd love the others to clock in and confirm they are still quit.


It truly inspires me when long term quitters, pop by, and lovely that I recognise some of those name.



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