No Smoking Day
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Day 28

Feeling good with my eyes and nose wide open

Was at the hospital yesterday getting started with mums 1st session of Chemo. Sitting in the waiting room I had at least 3 cancer patients sit next to me and I could smell smoke coming off them and thought wow thats what I must of smelt like to others, absolutely horrid thought. I watched the way they sat and interacted with others and they were all very edgy, couldnt settle or read a mag ect. I then watched many other cancer patients who were relaxed, reading, chatting and just so at ease with themselves, even the patients with no hair. Its a sad day when you can see that the one thing thats keeping the agitated ones locked into their fear cycle is fags and they cant see it.

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Gerti, how awful and how true....and I suppose that some of them, at least, wouldn't have cancer if it wasn't for the smoking. Talk about a vicious circle...

Hope your mum is doing as well as she can be and am glad to hear you're feeling good today. Virtual hugs heading your way. :)


What a sobering thought that is Gerti - just reinforces that we really do have to break the cycle x


Gerti, Many many congratulations on your 28 days. That's amazing. It is quite awful when you start noticing how much other people smell of smoke isn't it. Sending all my very best wishes to you and your Mum.


Thanks everyone. It was quite an eye opener and I would recommend looking around you at the smokers and you will see how uneasy they seem compared to non smokers.

Mum is fine and alls going well,thanks for your wishes


It's all to horrid at times isn't it? So wonderful for you to be with your mum. Hope all goes well.

Take care my lovely


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