Day 18

The last few days have been up and down so I am just pushing through. The depression seems to be trying to knock at my door but I am waiting for him and I am armed and dangerous. The 2 mile walk I do most days has 2 inclines which cause non-smokers to get out of breath, I can not only breath fine walking them but I could now run up them no sweat, I am so very proud of myself. I am currently keeping busy with knitting and sewing which helps. When I feel a crave or if I start dwelling I tell myself that I am free to smoke and if I wanted to the I would but I have decided that I no longer want to because ................................. and then tell myself all the reasons why

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  • Well done Gerti. I hope you feel better soon. Stopping smoking is hard but it does get better. It's great that you are keeping yourself busy as that helps so much.

  • It's so wonderful when you start to notice all the positive things about quitting (such as running up that hill in the words of Kate Bush :D). You're doing fantastically well, Gerti and you're clearly not at home to either Mr Nic or Mr Depression. Please accept some positive and supportive vibes from me. :)

  • Thank you

    Just wanted to add that I was no light weight when it came to smoking, I smoked at least 25 a day for 35 years. I smoked thru the worst flu viruses and even if I could not wash myself I would still smoke. God I was quite foul !!! But I am not foul anymore

  • Well done Gerri! You are doing so very well!

  • That 2 mile a day will do you the world of good on your quit for fitness levels building stamina up from a early stage :)

  • My word how wonderful you are doing, pleased and proud you should be, there is no better presant , you can give than stop smoking!!

    Fantastic, doing so very well, this quit is for you, and you my friend are doing amazing

  • Thanks guys

    Tea you really should be a writer, fifty shades has nothing on you xx

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