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Allen Carr

Almost finished the Allen Carr book after only getting it 4 days ago. Left it this long to read as I thought it would be a good boost at this stage. It does make a lot of sense especially the fact that we are giving up NOTHING but gaining so much! I did used to moan a lot how much I was wanting them and still felt I was missing out. This is starting to change. I was behind a lady buying a pack of 20 yesterday and instead of envy I felt so much pity instead. I know I have a long way to go still but there's definetely a small change happening in the mindset. I'm going to keep reading that book over and over until it's embedded in my brain. I would HATE to be smoking again and I can say that hand on heart. Let's hope this is the stage I have rounded a corner. In a strange way I'll feel even better on the 1st January as I can say I quit LAST year! Hope everyone has a fab new year and most importantly smoke free xxx

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You're doing great Dolores.

I've not read the Allen Carr book but as it comes so highly recommended by so many here I am going to order a copy.

Happy New Year to you.


I have also read his book and owe alot of my quit to it! He also has a audio book on itunes that I listened to for 90 mins right before my last cigerette :)


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