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Knock knock day 16

Well done me, so proud of myself

Had a lovely day yesterday but the evening was horrid so I had an early night. Feel fine this morning

Been a fair few mind games on and off but I am working thru them.

The majority of my failed quits were lost to being down in the dumps. I have hated fags for many years, On quits I would read people say ' oh I will just have one' but for me I cant remember ever feeling like that, I would say 'I may as well just smoke' there was never a thought of just one!! so after my last failure in 2012 I realised I needed to educate myself on the mind and so I read a fair few books and I think they are helping me.

The Chimp Paradox by Steve Peters

Nicotine Trick by Neil Casey

The Happiness trap, cant remember the author

Those books, mint imperials and my Patches are the tools that have got me thru to fast approaching 3 weeks and I am so proud of myself and thankful to you guys on here xxxxxxxxxx

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Proud you should be, doing a fantastic job just keep going, so horrid those first few weeks , the good news is as soon as Mr nco realises your not going to cave, the quicker he will leave you alne.

Massive congratulation.


You're doing brilliantly and keep conquering those mind games.


Gertie, you have very reason to be proud. In fact, I think you're entitled to stand on the nearest rooftop with a megaphone and announce your Three Week triumph to anyone who will stand still for long enough to listen. :D

Well done on so many levels! As for the depression, you, TG Hayley and all the other forum regulars suffering from that pesky illness all have my wholehearted admiration for your refusal to let it de-rail your respective quits. I think you're amazing- I really do.

Before you know where you are you'll be celebrating three months...:)


Go All The Way! :)


A whole two weeks smoke free, that's fantastic Gerti.


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