No Smoking Day
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1 week to go :)

Never ever thought id ever get here but I am yaaaaaay :) 1 week today ill be in The penthouse woohooooo :) I hope all the same time quitters are still strong?

If you are just quitting and reading this for strength - I assure you, you can get here - We all never think we can but its easier than you think - Just don't light another fag, thats it :) There will be ti es when you crave but I swear they go away - Smoking is a distant memory now and I love it........

I never worry about where I'm getting the money from to buy fags

I never get a sick feeling or panic when i realise at 9pm ive fot 2 fags and no way of getting to a shop

I don't stink anymore

I can get up the stairs without getting dizzy

I don't have to stand outside in the freezing cold anymore

I don't cry if my lighter doesnt work!!

And so many more plusses - there are no negatives to quitting - Stay strong xxx

Thanks for the support everyone.......

Penthouse im Coming to get you xxx

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Yet another success, and for me that's fantastic, I do hope you feel on top of the world, as the hard work has paid dividends.

Massive congratulations from me, just brilliant .


I've certainly been known to throw a major trantrum when my lighter hasn't worked, Win, so I am extremely glad to know that you'll never have to cry over spilt lighter fluid ever again. :D

It really is going to be a January to remember isn't it? How many of you are entering en-masse? At least four I think (followed by several more within a few days). I can tell you that the Penthouse staff and running around like headless chickens trying to get everything ready on time.

On Win, you really are a star you know. I shall be here, waving my flag as you sprint across the finish line. There's yet another chocolate cake in the process of being made and I can hear the chink of ice in your personal fridge every time I walk past your suite. :)


Nearly there :D


Well done for getting so far, Penthouse 1st Jan for you, celebrate :)


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