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5 years today

Happy Christmas to you all,hope your having a fantastic smoke free day.

Well amazing its five years today and I forgot, just finished dinner and my not better half​ said​ congratulations on your five years quit, so here I am posting yet again another great milestone, would like to say it was all easy but it wasnt, the first three months were crap then it got better as time went on, if I could start the quit again I would only Change one thing and that would be to be more conscious of what I ate, still carrying 14 pounds more weight than I should be, 14 pounds sounds so much less than a stone doesnt it :)

For anyone who's thinking of starting your quit for 2015 go for it, best decision I have ever made, would have been better if I had never started of course but too late for that so just have to do the best I can to try and get the best quality of life that's possible for however long I have left.

So to all who have already started on the amazing journey of being a non smoker and all those who are just starting out or considering quitting then this site is decidedly the best support going, without it i would still be a smoker.

Thanks to all those who stood by me and helped me stay quit, you were my anchor in a very stormy sea.


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Wow...5 years Jamangie, and all the more brilliant that you hadn't even registered the anniversary. :D

Your OH sounds lovely. How fantastic to remember when you didn't!

A Very Merry Christmas to you and best wishes for Year Six. So glad you're still posting- as Lostie says, it really is an inspiration to the more recent quitters I am certain, not to mention would-be quitters who may well be visiting (and hopefully joining) over the next few weeks. :)


5 yrs super stuff and sooo about the first right about the first 3 months from my POV anyway.


Not sure it was brave but it just seemed like the right thing to do at the time, no matter what day date you choose it will eventually get less important just the fact that you quit is going to be what is the great thing.

No matter how long your quit is you still have to keep alert to the chances of a trigger making you think/want a CIG, hang onto all the great benefits you will reap that should keep you strong, only those who really truly have no doubts they want to quit will stay with it, I know this was my second attempt but the first time I knew that I would smoke again it was just a matter of time, saying that it was like i wasn't committed to the quit was exactly it.

I know its harder for some to really get the hang of it but it will happen if you truly want it to.

Hope its not too late like some I know. :(


Woohoo!! Congrats on your five years!! I celebrated my fourth year back in November, so I still have a little catching up to do, LOL. Best wishes for the New Year!!

Alex. :)


Many congratulations on your 5 years quit and a happy new year to you



Congratulations. Very impressed that you quit on Christmas Day.


Shouldn't really bump this but had struggled to get on over Christmas and new year due to family commitments etc. and now I have I can see that others took the time to respond so here I am,also the last post was on my Birthday so thanks to you all, struggling a little with the site but getting there just don't like the colour scheme LOL

Just to say when I quit I hated exercise with a vengeance (there is a thread started years ago LOL about exercise) and yet Monday I went gym for the first time in my life, was really scared but the hour and a half assessment went really well and she said I was a lot fitter than I thought I was.

So it has worked I'm not so knackered as I used to be, cant remember if I can say that word :rolleyes:


Hey jamangie, congrats on HALF A DECADE of freedom! I am almost exactly a year behind you and I remember well how you and other people on the site were an inspiration to me when I started out. Happy new year to you and good luck with the gym, it's more than I've managed yet! xx


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