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Patch Advice!

Hi All, Newbee poster here (I have been sitting on the sidelines reading advice for the last 12 days mind you!) I'm on day 11 of my quit, after smoking around 20 a day for the last 10 years. I've been using patches, but from previous 'quits' have learnt that the step 1 contains too much nicotine for my weight (I'm only little!) and gave me a nicotine induced 10 hour sleep/sickness before I realised it was the patch. So this time I have started on step 2 from the off, my only question is how long in anyones experience do you continue using patches. At the moment I really notice if I am not wearing one, not so much that I will immediately drive to the nearest shop but more that I want to scream at everything within a 10 mile radius. I want to be sure that I'm out of the habit of smoking before I take away all nicotine completely, but worried I am delaying the inevitable. Any advice from patch users as to length of time used etc would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Butterfly

I just wanted to say welcome. I couldn't use patches at all as I just didn't get on with them but I'm sure somebody will be along soon to help you. Congratulations on your 11 days.


Hi Butterfly!

Well done on deciding to quit! I myself have been using the patches for the last 7 weeks. I started off on step 1 and experienced sickness also but it wore off within a week. I think the general idea is to wear the patches for 12 weeks as it takes this long for the nicotine receptors to die off (may be shorter or longer for some people). It's not an exact science really and it will all depend on how you feel. I stuck with step 1 for a month and felt comfortable to go to step 2 although some stick with the higher dose patch for longer. There is no rush to get off them as the main goal is not to smoke! Good luck and you are doing very well!!! :)


Thank you all for your replies and encouragement. Going to give the local GP's surgery a call today see if I can pop into one of their smoking clinics for some instruction.

Quit so far has been ok, although struggling hugely with sleep or more to the point lack of, I have always slept without problems and generally a explosion outside my window wouldn't have woken me, now everything seems to disturb me. I take the patches off before I go to bed because they just give me the weirdest dreams, I naively assumed this would mean my sleep would be unaffected.

Other current fun includes awful skin and the dreaded cough. What's the general time of the cough passing for all of you? Did anything speed it up disappearing? Friends have suggested cardio exercise or steam rooms, but I figured since it's my lungs repairing I can't really speed it up!


Morning Butterfly,

Good to meet you- so glad you've done lurking and joined in. :)

I used patches and whilst I did come off them before the end of the course there really are no hard & fast rules about it. I know there have been many successful quitters on the forum who stayed on the patches for longer as well as shorter times and it really is whatever works for you. There's no right or wrong answer just as there is no right or wrong way to quit. If and when you feel ready is the right time (and if, having done it, you start to feel jittery don't be ashamed to start using them again).

Whatever you decide, keep posting and there will always be someone here to advise and support you. You're doing fantastically well by the way! :D


Hi Butterfly :) I use patches and the doses given on the boxes are guidelines, in effect if you wanted to keep the step 2 on for 3 months you can, I have had this verified with a cessation nurse and there are lots of people on here that stayed on patches longer, anything is preferable to smoking, come off them when you feel more confident in your quit there's no hurry x


Welcome though here is the week subforum.


A very big warm welcome from me to. I did indeed use the patch method and realised early on it was my resolve to my quit, therefore did not want to stop using it, so I had my own method, I cut the corners of the patch before I dropped down, that way I really did not have to much of a problem coming off them, no rule just stay on as long as you require before finally going solo . it's not a race, so take your time. As quitting is a life long term goal.

Grwat to have you on board, pits and read often, brilliant start


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