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Day 19 - Thoughts

So I thought I would just type a few things that have occurred and happened to me whilst I have been quitting, hopefully they will help others in their quits. The struggle with your cravings is a given and you will deal with them the best way you can, I want to talk about some other side effects that I have observed.

I noticed that my gum was sore and I had a few ulcers a few days after I quit. After waiting it out for a couple more days, I decided that I needed to do something about it. I bought some corsodyl mouth wash; started using that (as directed) with my usual dental regime and it seems to be making my mouth go back to something of a normal state. You may notice that your gums bleed and become sore, which is a normal side effect of quitting. Smoking and the chemicals involved slow the circulation to your gums, masking any issues you may have, i.e. gingivitis. When circulation increases, the blood comes back and so on...

Another thing I noticed was that in the early stages of my quit, I had rather a short temper. This is probably to be expected, but, just remember that it is only temporary and you can bite your tongue if you really want to.

Bloating / gas (I haven’t personally been effected, but other members sparked my curiosity) - from what I have read, nicotine is a stimulant that effects your digestion, once it leaves you system, things slow down quite considerably. So, take some pro-biotics - yogurt and such like, including maybe a natural-mild laxative in the early stages. This may help whilst your bowels / digestive system returns to normal.

N.B. These are details that I have read and or tried myself and should not be presumed to be medically accurate. Please research this yourself if you wish to try any of the above.

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Indeed there is. Tony, thanks for sharing your experiences. There'll be plenty of new quitters will find that helpful.

Re the bloating thing, I've never really come out of the other side of that one. I was never much of a farter but these days I can fart for England. I'm rather pleased about it really. ;)


I thought so. I can beat one of my BFs in farting contests now. Thats never happened before and it makes me very happy indeed. :)


Excellent! LOL!! :D

Nothing like a good follow-through to seperate the men from the boys...Just don't attempt it in a jacuzzi....;)


Great post Tony, the posts regarding side effects are a great help, I found them so useful at the start of my quit. And LOL at Skiddaw! So that's why the increased wind then, must tell my OH I have a good reason ;):D


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