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Day 11 Almost Over

Still feeling strong, however cravings actually seem to be getting a little worse as the days go by! But everybody has to go through them and I was lucky I didn't have awful cravings in the first few days. Treated myself to some new clothes and haircut, new look to go with my new no smoking lifestyle!

I feel much more positive since I have quit! I moved to Spain a few months ago and was finding it hard to make new friends, felt embarrassed meeting new people due to smelling like fags having fag breath and having stained teeth and fingers but now I feel much more clean and confident :D

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Sounding rally positive here Matt good stuff! I think treating yourself along the way helps and I'm like you the first weeks were a breeze it's as the quit goes on it gets harder, stick with it though it's worth it x


Well done Matthew for your 11 days. Much the same happened to me - first few days were fine but it was day 12 for me I think when the bad cravings happened. It will get better, I still get cravings from time to time, but either they're not as bad or I just cope with them better. I don't think I actually want a cigarette now, but I have this thought that I'm missing out on something which of course I'm not. Reading posts like yours helps me to focus on the positives so thank you for helping me!


Congratulations Matt and may things become increasingly easy for you this week. It's odd how the sticky patches come isn't it? Not always when expected. However, you clearly have the strength and determination to ride this one out and I am certain that's exactly what you will do. :)

Have a very happy Sunday. What do you do in Spain on a Sunday? I have visions of long, lazy, tapas lunches...


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