Feeling panicky :/

So I am on 12 weeks quit Saturday (yay) but I am almost finished on my patches (boo) I am starting the 7mg tomorrow for 2 weeks and then I'll be going it alone, my crutch will be gone, I often wonder if it's just the steady stream of nicotine from my patches that have kept me quit? I don't want to use them anymore they have never stuck properly and I have had to stick down with surgical tape every day for the past 12 weeks and it feels weird so I do want them gone how have other patch quitters coped breaking free and flying solo? X

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  • Donna,

    I felt exactly the same.

    In my experience, 7mg was such a small 'dose' that I neither benefitted from having it nor missed it when it went away.

    At this stage, it's mostly up here (taps head), anyway. It's mostly about having a f..k you attitude from this point on!

    Go on, girl :)

    S xx

  • I agree with Tea and Steve here.

    As Tea said, if you're worried and feel like you're not quite ready to stop with this trigger patch coming up, then just carry on with the patches for a few more weeks.

    Also, as Steve as said, it's mostly in the head now. You need to give yourself much more credit than you are. It's not the magic patches that have got you this far, it's you. 12 weeks ago, you were smoking cigarettes every single day to feel OK. You're not doing that now and you're doing well. Your body doesn't need nicotine to feel normal, you'll be just fine without it!

  • Also, just want to say it's completely normal to feel panicky about it. I remember when I quit I felt totally overwhelmed and like there was absolutely no way I could do it.

  • Hi Donna! I'm sure you will be fine but if you are in any doubt you can always continue until you feel ready. I was really nervous coming down from the biggies to the medium dose but felt no different. The mind set is there now so I'm not worried about my last drop. Did you struggle when you dropped patch strength??? If so that might be the reason you feel a little anxious. Why don't you wait until after Xmas?? You are doing so brilliantly by the way!!! 😃

  • You can do it Donna, I have every faith in you on this xx

  • Donna, I tried patches last time I tried to quit but they were such a pain that I gave up on them, so I feel your pain. I would say that you have got past the hardest psycological part of the habit of smoking, now it's nicotine withdrawal. So, if you can understand that you are not craving a smoke, just the hit of nicotine, remeber how much of a pain in the a**e the patches were, you should pull through just fine. I know you can do it, pull through, stay strong, were all here for you.

  • If it is any help Donna, I honestly didn't notice the difference when I stopped using the patches. What I did do, however, was to carry some 1/5mg lozenges with me just in case. I carried them around with me for a good three months before giving them away.

    I'm with Tea though- if you feel shaky about it stick on the 7mg patches for a wee bit longer especially with Christmas coming up.

    Whatever you decide, you're doing fantastically well. :)

  • Thanks all I am doing ok on the 7mg I'm going to knock them in the head on 20th December which is the first day of the school holidays so I'll be off work, I'm hoping with Xmas and having Betsy it will takes mind off of the lack of nicotine :) :)

  • Excellent plan Donna :)

    I'm with Hayley- you've got this in the bag I think.

  • thanks for having faith in me... must admit I could really smoke a cigarette as sweet as a nut today..... its just been one long craving..... ALL DAY..... with no sign of abating..... :mad:

  • I expect it is partly the association Donna. You've been worrying a lot about ditching the patches soon and whether you'll struggle when you do and as a result you've hit a psycological crave. It's time to employ all the tactics you've learned to use so well and as Karen says, you'll get through this just like you made it through all the others. I'd also be willing to put bets on this being the last major bad patch you encounter on your journey to permanent freedom.

    Time for some serious distraction techniques I think. What are you cooking for your tea? Is there any chocolate in the house? Have you some lovely bath oil you can have a good soak in later? :)

  • I had chuck in for dinner basically rooted round the freezer dug out bits that were left and chucked it in the oven ;) no bath oil sadly and as much as I would love a bath I can't, I'm here on my own and with the pain my back is in I would never get out again :/ x

  • Thanks Karri, I will admit I feel extremely fed up just lately and the appeal of quitting is wearing off somewhat :( xx

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