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White noise

One of those days again where I have that "loving feeling" and wonder what I am missing. I already know the answer is nothing but can't help feeling that way. I have 1000 of the evil sticks on top of the cupboard which I have yet to sell on (got them cheap abroad).....doesn't tempt me in the slightest. Most of the time now I'm 95% not thinking about them then this 5% is saying "you are going to have a rubbish xmas without them". Have to be honest I am missing them so so much....but I know full well NOPE! Just wish it would go away and stop trying to annoy me. It isn't going to work I know that 100% so it seems pointless. Anyway, starting week 8 tomorrow at midnight. Suppose it's still early days........

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Evening Dolores :)

You're quite right of course- it isn't going to work, you're 100% committed to this, and the little Nic demon sitting on your shoulder will go away if you continue to ignore him, stick your fingers in your ears and go 'La, La, La'. Your Christmas will, in fact, be a whole heap better with you not smoking. You'll taste all the lovely Christmas grub and booze in a way you won't have done for years, you won't feel furtive about sneaking out for a crafty one and you can look forward to a New Year free of nicotine (and being able to tell everyone that you quit 'last year').

You're also right in it being early days yet. I remember wanting to time travel to the point where I no longer had that irritating and nagging 'itch' but (of course) all you can do is to keep plodding away and let time take care of itself. It really does go away- I promise.

You're doing fantastically well and I hope you're suitably proud of yourself. Well done girl!! :D


Hello Dolores don't want to pontificate; but please get rid of them out of your house. Surely you have a trusted friend who could look after then till you manage to get a buyer for them. Great believer in the old adage " out of sight out mind" Having the monkey looking at you is just as bad as having him on your shoulder.

Best of luck with your quit.

MIchael a.k.a:- lefoy123


I wholeheartedly agree with Leroy, Get those stinky fags out of your gaff pronto! While your intentions are amazing and I am sure you will maintain your quit it's best to have them out of the way, trust me coming from a serial quitter, one too many Vinos and all of a sudden "just one" can seem so easy, you may not be as weak as me and I hope your not but at 8 weeks having 1000 cigs in the house is dicey, brilliant job on 8 weeks quit D xxx


Thanks for the advice guys! It's so good to keep hearing that feeling goes away too. Can never be reminded enough of that! Strange how you are told often enough but it gets squashed somewhere in the brain and the romance pushes through. The evil of addiction!! To any new quitters reading this all I can say that this is NOTHING compared to the first few weeks so don't worry. It's just a fleeting feeling. The fags in the house will be leaving asap....not because I don't trust myself because I do, it's more of a case of taking the good advice I'm given. It's my first time quitting so I have no experience and I'm not going to set myself up for easy access just in case. I may just be glad of that one night! Nothing to lose there. So glad I'm on here or I don't think I could have made it this far! Thanks again xx

karri - chin up you can do this x


Dolores you are doing so well. Eight weeks is a great achievement.

I'm just a few days ahead of you, I'm not thinking about cigarettes so much but am on my guard for the cravings which still creep up on me when I least expect them. Occasionally I see somebody smoking and feel quite envious but then I remind myself of all the good things - feeling better, saving money, not worrying about when I can have my next cigarette etc etc.

I think you should sell those cigarettes and treat yourself to something nice.

Keep going you are doing brilliantly.


8 weeks is fab Dolores - well done :):)


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