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No Smoking Day
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day 7 almost done!!

SO I am almost done day 7! 6 days 13 hours and 50 minutes since my last smoke to be exact!

This quit has been really easy so far for some reason... I am not sure if its just I really dont want to smoke anymore, or maybe because I quit for 5 months back in January. but its so much easier this time around. I am not going to let my guard down, because I know that is when the biggest craves usually hit! but I must say, I am pretty relieved that this is going so well.

Sending good vibes to all out there who need them!


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Fantastic Kat- how wonderful to get a full week under your belt! I hope you will treat yourself to something nice for that. :)

You'll be past your 5 months again before you know it at this rate. You're quite right not to let your guard down but I shall keep everything crossed that this quit continues to be a breeze for you.

Well done Kat! :D


Well done on your first week Kat, hope things continue to go so well for you.


Top banana! Well done on completing your first week x


Happy to read your post! Things are getting better! Hold on, dude!


Oh it's all looking soo positive, doing great


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