Stopped circling and dived in!

Hello all!

I feel like I've been reading this forum for ages on each of my (failed) quits, so I thought if I actually join in perhaps that'll help tip my quit over into a successful one :-) You guys have definitely helped me push through on some dark days - so hopefully in time I'll be able to help a few 'lurkers' myself.

I've smoked for 10 years, and I think I've tried to stop smoking about 15 times; my least successful attempt being about half an hour and my most successful being six weeks. But enough is enough. I've learned all the lessons, I know all my triggers, I know what will happen if I have just one more cigarette. It's so easy to give yourself an excuse to give in, while at the same time what you're experiencing isn't (well, relatively) that painful! I lose all perspective when I'm in the supermarket staring at the kiosk, but is withdrawl even half as bad as the mildest toothache? Definitely not. You can't bargain with yourself just for one cigarette, and that's my biggest danger I think...I'm very persuasive to myself!

I'm on day two at the moment (horaa!), and already I feel better. People talk about the physical improvements when they stop - for me they're as much mental. Smoking makes me a less happy person that I would be without them. I'm less confident, less optimistic and in generally don't enjoy things or people as much as I do when I stop. Imagine that, 10 years of being less happy than you could have been - and you knew all along what could be done about it! I feel different this time (don't we all say that!), the past 6 months have been rough and cigarettes have been a faux friend. You feel like you need them when things get hard, as though they're some kind of companion. But after coming out the other side I realise they're one of the only things holding me back.

So, I'm more determined now than ever: I've so much I want to do in my life, and smoking does nothing but reduce the chances of me achieving any of it. But after reading your excellent advice ;-) , i'll take it slowly, day by day, hour by hour. At the moment it's the only thing that matters, aside from the massive munchies I'm suffering with. Man, I'm already eating a SHED LOAD!!

Good luck everyone. Stay strong!

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  • Welcome aboard :)

    Well done, and good luck with your quit. This place has helped me no end, so I hope it does you too.

  • Morning Tangled and a big welcome from me to the forum. So glad you've taken the plunge and joined in. :)

    You'll get all the advice, support and companionship you could need from all the lovely people here and it sounds like you've really got yourself into the right state of mind to make this the start of your Forever Quit. If at any time you feel your resolve is starting to slip come on here & post, and wait for at least three replies. By that time I promise the craving will have passed.

    Congratulations on your two smoke-free days! You'll have a week under your belt before you know it. Just take it one step at a time and keep putting one foot in front of the other and the days will soon start to mount up.

  • Hi there reaally glad you have taken the plunge to join in :) you know what triggers you to crave and thats half the battle, sounds like you are in the right mindset :) I really wish you well and hope this is the one for you. xx

  • I went into the shop I used to buy my cigs from for the first time in 57 days today. He seemed genuinely chuffed I'd stopped, even though he'd lost me as a customer. £9.30 for 20 Embassy, that's £530 I've not spent there since I stopped :eek:

  • Thanks for the replies and support..pleased to meet you all too :-) I shall indeed post on a regular basis, despite the determination I know there'll be several times when i'm a little weaker. And that's when the evil thoughts are their most potent! As much as I like the kiosk lady, I'd be glad enough to see her from a distance forever more.

    My name TangleUpinBlue is the name of a Bob Dylan song Tea - it just seemed an appropriate name for my relationship with the dreaded weed!!

    It's amazing isn't it Malvin how much cash we'll hand over, gladly even! Our naughty brain has an incredible habit of ignoring how ridiculous it is how much they cost (aside from every other negative), to keep justifying smoking. Then again, it's great that you're starting to see the benefits of not having to do that anymore :-) £530 is a nice little pile approaching Christmas - hope you treat yourself to something deserving of the achievement!


  • Welcome to the forum and well done for getting to day 2. This forum has definitely made a difference to me, only wish I'd found it before. Good luck, and I look forward to hearing about how you are getting on.

  • Welcome and congrats on quitting. Stick at it and push through, always remember the reasons you are quitting when it seems like you cannot hanle the craving any longer. :)

  • Well done for taking the plunge....I think we all stop start until we say enough is enough.

    Youv come to the right place for ranting and also support.

    Good can do this. 😆

  • My name TangleUpinBlue is the name of a Bob Dylan song Tea - it just seemed an appropriate name for my relationship with the dreaded weed!!


    And a damn good song it is. I've had it on the brain ever since I read your original post. :)

  • Hey Skiddaw! I'm afraid i'm a bit of a Bob Dylan nut :rolleyes: If you fancy transferring it from your brain to your ears here's a cool live version

    it's not even my favourite song on that album, but i sure do like the title :-) The weird and cruel thing is that i associate listening to him with having a smoke and a glass of vino. I guess the more i listen to him without a stick hanging out of my mouth the less that'll happen. Off to put an album on.....

  • thanks debbie, sally, tony and carol too :-) hope all's going well with your quits too.

  • Hi Tangled

    The very best of luck. You seem to be in the groove to succeed this time. Go for it. Relate to your mindset. Bargain with it. Agree with it. You know the score. It is not easy, road will be rough. Mindset in place, resolve strong...... go through each day as that one day with that day's trial. Languish in your triumph that you got through the day. Come to this website for support. We all have a story to tell. I just turned 1 whole year. I used to smoke over 2 packs a day; was a smoker for over 40 years; loved smoking and thought I could never quit. I don't think I could have gotten through it, had it not been for the support I got here. This place became my life line.

    Be strong. Best of luck. Appreciate your strength, your determination. YOU CAN GET THROUGH THIS :)

  • thanks firefly :-) congratulations on going a whole year, that's so brilliant. Having failed so many times, I can only imagine what it feels like to get there. You should be very proud :-)

  • His use of imagery is lost on himself i think, sometimes. But he certainly has an eye for stringing words together in a beautiful way. I never equate it to poetry, i think it does a dis-service to poetry and song-writing at the same time if that makes sense! I don't blame you for not listening to Dylan, he (on the face of it) isn't easy to get into. But I wholeheartedly think that there's a Dylan song for everyone :-) perhaps i'll try and convert you :-)

  • Thanks Max :-) you're not far off 2 years I see, excellent work, congrats. I only hope I can be where you are, but I guess you were on day two too once. Each hour as it comes...! Hope you're reeping the rewards (and the cash!) now. Great that you're still supporting newbies on the start line; hope I'll be in the same position in 2016!

  • awww thanks alfie!! you're so lucky to have a dog, and judging by that picture especially lucky to have Alfie, he's gorgeous! Not far off a full year now Jenny, good luck getting there - i'm sure Alfie will be a very proud pup x

  • But I wholeheartedly think that there's a Dylan song for everyone :-)

    Couldn't have put it better Tangled :)

    Hope things are going well for you today?

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