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Start of day 3!


Well, I slept much better last night. I took my patch off about 7pm and rode out any cravings I had after that - maybe that helped. I've woken up with a stonking headache though - all to be expected I suppose!

Just to lower the tone a bit, my 'digestive system' has ground to a halt!! I'm taking natural remedies to help but it's not helping at all. Is this just me or is it a common problem?

Happy Tuesday everyone - the sun is shining in Wiltshire ☀️☀️ x

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Sounds as though it's just a temporary problem then Jenny and normal service will resume soon!!! Not nice........

Yes, I remember it well....

It'll pass, Miss F, and you'll soon be back to normal in that dept. Really glad you slept better last night. :)

Here's to a fantastic Day Three. You're doing SO well! :D

Oh thanks for that reassurance Skiddaw - that downside of quitting, but I'm concentrating on the good stuff! x

Hi Miss F

Well done on day 3. There are all sorts of issues which affect different people in different ways and this forum is brilliant for finding out about them. Stops you worrying. :):)

Good going, you like rock the most!!!!! Use sugerfree chewing gum, that helps with cravings, and if you use all the time might even allow you to not use nicotine at all and also they have a laxative effect :)

Yes for many this is temporary, but WOW going so strong.

Isn't it great when we do indeed realise, that yes with a lot of determination, effort. You can quit.


Great advice - thanks for your comments. Had a couple of serious cravings today, but I have to say the NiQuitin strips are brilliant. Seeing the smoking cessation lady tomorrow for more supplies!! 👍

Hi miss F

The digestive issues are totally normal as our metabolism slows down when we quit and our bodies have to get back to "normal".... This can mean you go one way or the other :eek: and also wind is a common problem 💨💨💨 at this moment I am suffering with the latter :D it's all good and shows our bodies are repairing, can I suggest peppermint tea it's really helped me with the digestive side of things, might work for you too, well done by the way :). X

Thanks Donna - if I have anymore 💨💨💨💨 I'll explode!!!! Hope yours settles soon. I'll try the peppermint tea x

Karri, I'm using about 5/6 strips a day. Very slight nauseous feeling once it's dissolved, but nothing like other NRT products I've tried in the past. I'm so pleased I've found something that 'hits the spot' for me x

I wonder why Karri. Who said that and what was the reason? I got another supply today from the cessation lady, who I have to say didn't know much about them - doh!!! I think they're brilliant x

Well Karri, I think you should go with what you think is right for YOU. My lady said patches were no good for me as I didn't smoke enough!! I already had some, so used them and I told her today that I was using up my supply and I felt they were helping me. She agreed to give me another pack, but said that would be the last. To be honest, if I feel that they are helping me to stay fag free then I shall buy some more - they're only the mildest ones. It does say on the pack of strips that they are only for smokers that have their first cigarette 30+ minutes after waking. Can you not wait 30 mins for the sake of something that really might help? Good luck xx

Good luck Friday x

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