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20 Weeks/5 months

Hi all. Well I have reached 20 weeks and I'm amazed. Had one of those horrible smoking dreams last night which was a bit annoying and had a few craves at the weekend - drinking related - but I ignored them :)

I feel ok and my skin, hair, nails have improved, oh and I had to sprint across the car park to clock in on time on Friday and I could still speak afterwards. :D

Not sleeping well again but that's menopause related along with the flushes and feeling sick. I hope it will be over soon!

I have now lost a little over a stone using mfp so very pleased with that :D

One really annoying thing I have had for a few weeks now is Catarrh so I'm constantly throat clearing and it's driving me mad - and other people no doubt. I hope this is just lungs clearing and it will go.

Overall, the good things are very good and the couple of bad things are nothing more than minor irritants.

Have a good week everyone :):)

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That's fantastic Nicky- you sound on top of the world (which, indeed, is where you deserve to be :D). Nearly at Halfway House now! How amazing is that?

I can only empathise with you re the disturbed sleep and hope you come out the other side soon (me too with a bit of luck ;)). Huge congratulations on your weight loss too- you really are reinventing yourself aren't you? So wonderful to hear about all the benefis you've experienced so far following your quit. I'm sure the throat-clearing will settle down soon (but there are a lot of colds doing the rounds so it may not be related to your quit- in which case, do get it checked out if it doesn't clear up wont you?)

What a lovely, happy, optimistic post! If that doesn't inspire a few recent quitters nothing will. :)


Well done Nicky, so pleased for you :) how long have you been using my fitness pal? I have downloaded it but I'm only 6 and bit weeks in I don't know if I can do it all :/ a one stone weight loss is amazing aswell xxx


Thanks everyone, and congrats to you all for sticking with your quits :)

Skiddaw - Not you too with no sleep? Menopause? Horrible isn't it. I will get throat checked out soon, OH has had a sore throat for weeks so possibly just a bug. x

Tea - Myfitnesspal - online and app for calorie counting, it's quite useful as a tool for seeing what you actually eat. x

Tractor girl - We will both make the Penthouse I'm sure, for now I will see you in the six month room soon x

Donna - I have been doing fitness pal for 7 weeks I think so it's working for me. It is hard to manage on 1200 calories a day though and I sometimes go over but at least you can earn more calories exercising. x

Befly - Bev, I do hope you are still here as you are also 20 weeks now :) x


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