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3 years

It has been 3 whole years since I stopped smoking:cool: - the struggle and mental anguish are a distant memory and the 'fancy a fag' moments/triggers have stopped completely.

The weight is coming down slowly following a knee operation caused by over exuberant cycling!! :rolleyes:

The OH stopped in January so the spare room is no longer 'the stinky room'!! - About 80% of the smokers I knew have stopped since i did (probably an age thing though!!)

Keep up the good work everyone - it definitely gets easier and is totally worth it!!

The daily quiz is good too (unless it is literature day)


Saved £10000

Not Smoked 31000


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Congratulations Dave, 3 years quit is fantastic! Thanks for reminding me of the quiz too, I haven't played for a while :)


Many congratulations to both of you, Steve. :)

How lovely that your wife will be joining you in the Penthouse very soon now.


Congrats on three years, and congrats to your OH for not far off a year. Thanks for posting, I always say I love the long quit posts as they are such an encouragement. :):)


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