No Smoking Day
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Day 68

How the funk I've not smoked today I don't know.

CBT test for my new scooter. Couldn't find my paper licence ANYWHERE. Turned flat inside out.

Couldn't do that test. Had Dad destroy my flat looking for it but to no luck. He came back yelling at me at test centre. Not a good moment.

So put scooter on trailer to store at Mum and Dads. Put lock on front brake disk. Dad decides to move scooter with lock on. You can guess the rest....

Come home and find driving license. In carrier bag under my bed. Where the cat has used it to pee on today....

Then sit down to watch TV and the free view box smoked and went bang.

So I've knackered a new £2000 scooter, not done by CBT test, has cat pee on paperwork and on my bedroom carpet and found my driving licence which I've spent £20 replacing.

Had at least 5 rows and somehow I've avoided the smokes. Honestly 20 Richmond was so tempting throughout.

But I'm having wine and bed instead.....

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Well done for getting through a difficult day and not smoking, once you get through a few crap days without a fag, you will wonder why you ever felt you needed them. :):)


Phil, you deserve a medal, mate, at the very least. :D

So, so proud of you. I hope you're proud of yourself because you flipping well should be.

Sorry about all the bad luck. What goes around comes around so I will keep everything crossed that you'll now have a thoroughly well deserved run of good luck to make up for it all. :)


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