No Smoking Day
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Hello there month 1;)

Made it!

Deep breaths! Phew!

Been a rough three weeks, glad that's done and dusted!

Feeling good about making it through this week! I've battled to get here, achieved a lot, fought some pretty severe rubbish craves but I'm here!

Still think of smoking a lot I won't lie, but of course I will. I did it 20 plus times a day for ten years straight:eek: normally I would think 'oh come on just go away already, I thought it'd be easier by now'. Truth is the thought of a fag is still very much there. But!!! It is getting easier. Because I know I can do this now! I've battled too much to just throw it away for a 'thought' . All those moments I've had where I felt weak and wanted to smoke just to feel better needed to happen so I could come through the other side of it and realise that I simply could. It was simply a choice. Smoke?? Or don't smoke?? I chose the latter and I will continue to do so! So I'm sulking my way through them if need be, I'm being kind to myself if I need to! And I still have a bag of haribo on hand because that would be the norm anyway!

Onwards and upwards! Feeling pretty darn confident ...not to be confused with complacent...... Armour is definitely still on.

Excuse me while I rip my blouse open to reveal a superwoman costume! :p

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What a lovely positive post Laura, especially the Superwoman bit :D

Well done on getting to month one. The craves/wants should start to be less often soon, just keep at it :):)


Awesome, Laura, well done!

Love this post so much, it has three of my favourite things; honesty, motivation and spontaneous stripping!

Lol, that's funny :D


Whoop whoop Laura, you go girl ;) ;). Xxx


Thanks guys!

I heart the support on here! :D

Thanks for that link max! It truly is something else seeing someone in their happy non smoking bubble that started off just like me! Funnily enough I spent last night scrolling through this site and found some posts from a lot of the names I now see in the penthouse! If that isn't a kick in the right direction then I don't know what is!:D

Tea! ...... I demand you add a sticker to that chart of yours as a tribute to how much you make me LOL!!


You two are fast turning into a double act! I can see you'll be making us laugh all the way to the Penthouse. ;)

Fantastic achievement Laura- well done that girl! :D


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