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Excuse me..... just cruisin by!!!

Hello All,

Sorry I have been gone for well, it looks like the whole summer :eek:

So many changes in the last 3 months. I am happy to report I am on my 27th day smoke free and I have just the mildest of craves from time to time but so far nothing really strong. I am slowly re-training the brain I guess.

I didn't even want to post anything here until I was sure that I was firmly set on never smoking again, so now here I am..... again (sigh)!! A bit embarrassing I must say but getting on with it. :o

The BF and I have relocated from Florida back to Boston 4 weeks ago so back on the job hunt again ugh!!!

Well that's the tip of it, so I will end here for now. ;)

Good to see familiar faces still here and doing so well yay: TG, Max, Debbie, Karrie, Skiddaw, Doodle, Lostie, Mina, Helene and many more... (waving furiously):D:D:D

The prodigal American :rolleyes: returns yet again lol.

Ciao for now......



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SO lovely to see you Sherri :D. A big WELCOME HOME from me.

Many congratulations on your 27 days quit and for managing to stat quit in the midst of so many life changing events. I shall keep everything crossed that you find a really splendid job soon and that you & your BF settle very happily in Boston.

It's so nice to have you back! We did miss you. :)


Ooooh I am actually so excited to hear from you all :D so so happy!!!

Of course when I made the decision that this smoking on and off roller coaster had to STOP now then I knew I had to come back.

Yes, after almost 20 years in the sunshine I have returned home to Boston. Helene, it really does grow on you doesn't it lol. Our family is all here so back we came. The BF had to close his business so it wasn't all entirely our choosing but here we are, staying with family and furiously looking for employment yet again.

Debbie, I am using the Chantix which by the way makes me feel extremely ill on a daily basis but the upside is a cigarette would definitely make me hurl so I can't stand the thought of it. The other biggie is that smokes cost more than double here than they were in Florida. With no employment at the moment I can't justify it. Then there's the weather.... pretty soon it will be turning cold and I'll be damned if I am going to stand out in the cold just to poison myself ugh!!!

I really don't have strong cravings anymore just a quiet longing at times for a lost pleasure, or what I perceived to be pleasure. I guess though since I quit drinking last January I have learned that you can still enjoy life and have fun without it. :eek: In the beginning I never thought I would feel that way but here I am. I am looking at smoking in the same way.

Quite frankly there are just no options left for any of us. We have to accept and embrace a new way of living that doesn't include this disgusting habit. I see now that as I move through my days smoke free that each one becomes more enjoyable, and each time my thoughts drift to "wouldn't a cigarette be so good right now" and I push it away I experience a new little victory. Not a noticeable thing to anyone else BUT I know I have just won the day. ;)

What better feeling can there be than feeling the pride of accomplishment?

Max, so glad you have remained here as a steady force for staying quit. Making it mean something and never giving up on those of us who have struggled so much. Can't wait to hear your news....

Karri, I am happy to see you kicked the cobwebs out and have gotten squarely back in the game. It's your time, no past, only today and you are shining.

Skiddaw, a sweeter person and more encouraging soul could not be found on any forum. Your achievements and gentle prodding have gotten me through many a day and if I had to come back here with head in hands as a dirty smoker I still would not miss your grand entrance into the Penthouse for anything. :p and it is coming soooo soon whoo hoo!!! :D

TT, I know you have my back and I can't tell you how immensely I missed you this summer. I stayed away because I knew you were struggling a bit and I didn't want to be a negative influence. Smoking and telling you not to tsk tsk. Couldn't have that :mad:

As always I am looking forward to meeting all the newbies and hope that I can be of encouragement to some. :):):)



What a lovely post Sherri! :)

If anyone deserves to succeed, you do. I still think that quitting drinking AND smoking is a mega-achievement and you should be very, very proud of yourself.

All the best from me and once again, really glad you're back on the ship. :D


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