Almost 17 weeks

Hi all, just wanted to post a quick update. Feeling pretty good still and quite positive. When things wind me up now I don't jump straight to thinking I want a cigarette (although I think my internet shopping habit is becoming a problem:eek:)

Just over two weeks trying to lose weight and I have lost 6 pounds - woohoo, so chuffed:D Only another 36 pounds to goal weight.

Have a lovely weekend everyone :)

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  • Good for you Nicky :)

    The internet shopping is essential in view of your weight loss. You'll have had to replemish/replace your entire wardrobe at least twice by the time you reach your target weight if my experience is anything to go by. It's a hard job but someone has to do it. :D

    Seriously, many congratulations on both fronts. It isn't easy to quit and lose weight simulateously but you're showing that it can be done with great aplomb.

  • Great stuff Nicky. It's great when the cigarette is not the first thing we reach for in those situations, isn't it?

    I too started my weight-loss journey yesterday. Don't have that much to lose, but I've done it before so no problems. If we quit smoking, we surely can handle weight loss as well :)

  • Hi Nicky,

    I lost 13 1/2lb in 12 weeks and then put on 15lb on my 2 weeks holiday! Never mind back on it again now, lost 7lb in 2 weeks.

    Do think the no smoking thing is getting easier now though, glad you are losing weight, you are doing really well. xx

  • Oh yes Bev, it's definitely easier now, and I never thought I would say that. I'm glad I pushed through the bad days when I really wanted to smoke. I'm not taking anything for granted though, just in case I get more craves later on. As I have never got this far I have no idea what to expect. Well done you for 17+ weeks now :):)

    Well done on your weight loss too. I'm pretty determined on that as well as my quit, it's a year for sorting out my life and I WILL lose 4 stone! :D:D

  • You sound very positive and I am sure you will do it!

    Wow!:eek: 4 stone, I will be happy with 2 for now!;)

    Good luck buddy. xx

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