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kicked the ecig :)

Im so relieved! I was so worried i had buggered things up. First attempt was ok for a week but still missed the ecig. Second attempt i wanted that electronic bugger out of my life for good and so said goobye 10 days ago and i feel wow amazing! I didnt realise how anxious it was making me. Luckily i feel like the 11 month quiter that i am. After 4 days i was cool as cucumber really weird how quiting cigs is diffrnt to quitting ecig. 100x easier.

Anyways home stretch now towards the penthouse. Wow....i cannot believe i am a HAPPY non smoker. Honestly. Newbies i will never go back to cant buy this sense of peace in the shops. Anxiety sufferers hold out because you will eventally feel calmer than your smoking self. Takes time.

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Excellent news Nikki! Well done you! :) glad you kicked the ecig totally nicotine free AND only a month from the penthouse! Brilliant! Glad the anxiety is abating now, that's one of my biggest worries and reason for all my previous fails, determined to hold tight this time! Xxx


That's great to hear Nikki. Really pleased.


That's awesome Nikki :) I left a post on your other thread yesterday and I am glad to see it's been (kinda) easy to quit e-cig. Getting rid of anxiety was a huge unexpected benefit for me.

I didn't really have too much of a problem anxiety wise, but I don't have ANY now. Feeling so calm most of the time actually feels kinda weird!


Well done Nikki! :D

I think that's your last big hurdle cleared. Full steam ahead now to the Penthouse. You can enter that halllowed hall in the sure & certain knowledge that you're truly nic-free forever.

Good for you girl- I know it wasn't easy. Fantastic news :)


congratulations and question for you

. After 4 days i was cool as cucumber really weird how quiting cigs is diffrnt to quitting ecig. 100x easier.

Good evening Nikki and many congratulations on becoming 100% nicotine free. Regarding the e-cigarette am I correct in thinking that you found them more addictive than actual cigarettes or was it more a comfort thing so to speak; much like a baby and its dummy?

Michael aka lefoy123 in Glasgow


Well done on going totally nicotine free :):)


Congratulations Nikki!! Looking forward to seeing you soon in the penthouse!! :D:D


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