No Smoking Day
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Day 39

Or as I prefer...

5 and half weeks.

Now at my GP's a confirmed ex smoker. It's a tag which doesn't sit well as I think it adds pressure at the moment. But hey I guess it's true!

Loving the extra money in my bank account. Going to a my first gay wedding in a couple of weeks and have today spent a ridiculous amount on a simple white shirt to wear at the evening do. But I can afford it, so I decided the treat approach.

Funny how a shirt at £75 seems expensive but 20 Richmond at £8.40 a day was a needed.....

Small cravings now but nothing massive and easily dealt with.

Hope everyone's well!!!

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Indeed a little treat is great, doing so well, just keep going:)

I do love a good wedding enjoy:)


I should love to see some pics of the wedding and you in your lovely new shirt :)

Well done, Phil. I bet your GP is delighted with you. I know what you mean about the additional pressure angle, but I bet you felt smug too didn't you?

All the best to you :D


Very we'll done Phil

A treat is very justified!!!


Hi Phil, you're doing wonderfully. Amazing how we justified the cost of smoking wasn't it! All those things I couldn't afford yet could afford to smoke. I remember when my I first moved in with OH and we were sorting out our finances, spreadsheets and such, and he asked why my cigarette money was not listed as an outgoing. I didn't actually have an answer.....maybe I just didn't want to see the total each month (that was when I was on 20 cigarettes per day).:)


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