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Another smoking theory ticked off my list

How many of us suffering from colds, coughs and such as the like whilst smoking thought the quacks and health professionals were "just saying that" when they kept telling us that our habit was making things worse?

My OH had a nasty cold, sore throat, fever, cough and light headed-ness, the worst of it lasted for about 5 days - I had a sore throat for two days! Physically he is a lot fitter and more agile than me but he smokes cafe creme cigars, sometimes up to 10 a day. So this may be a massive co-incidence but I would bet my quit that his smoking definitely exacerbated his symptoms ;)

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Jen, I agree.

When I first quit, I caught cold after cold (I think I had four in the first 5 months). Apparently, it's not uncommon after quitting (thankfully it seems to have stopped now) but the difference was they lasted a matter of days mainly (the worst of them was gone in just over a week). Whilst I didn't get colds particularly often before I quit, they always settled on my chest (I invariably developed a hacking cough) and lasted ages- at least 3-4 weeks. It was quite a revelation to experience a post-quit cold :)

I hope your OH is feeling better soon. Poor lad.


Well it is indeed interesting, and whilst I am still quit going into six months I have had the worst throat ever, and it is lingering.

But I guess it would have been oh sooo much worse if I were still smoking.

Doctor did say we often get lingering symptoms of quitting, but they all will go.

We all just need to keep going:)


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