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Day 24 - Question

Still here :)

Although I have a problem, I was told last night that about a week ago I actually had a one cigarette while I was outside with a friend. I can't remember this, and no one else saw me smoking. Just this one person said I did...

I don't know what to do, I've been so proud that I've got this far. I guess I'm feeling guilty now.

Should I be starting again from day 1? Or just count it as a slip up (if it happened) and keep powering through?

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Hi Welski

If I were you I would ignore it this time and be extra careful when out drinking again. I must admit I got really drunk recently and worried about having smoked but my OH reassured me that I didn't and I am now watching that I don't drink too much. Well done on 24 days :)


Welski, I think that if you had smoked you'd almost certainly have remembered it (and known about it the next day). Your quit is such a major thing in your life at present that however drunk you were I'm pretty certain you'd know about it if you had succumbed (you'd have probably tasted it the next day if nothing else).

My feeling is that either your friend is mistaken, or possibly (sub-conciously perhaps?) reinventing the truth a bit (sorry- don't like to cast aspersions probably undeserved). Either way, I should ignore it and carry on regardless.


Thanks guys, I have no memory of it and didn't feel like I had!

I'm going to ignore it and keep going! Maybe pull in the reigns on going out for abit! :p


I'm going to stick with the groups of people who said I didn't smoke and disregard the one person who said I did.

I think I would know if I did. I had to speak about it though, thanks everyone for chatting about it. It was nice just getting the thought off my chest!


I've noticed some kind of questionable behavior from smoking "friends" of mine regarding my quit.....whether it be offering me a fag "jokingly" or some kind of negative comment about how long my quit wont last.

I put this down to subconscious jealousy......that I have been able to quit, and they cant (?), so they try to get me back into the smoking club.

I'm certainly not accusing your friend of doing the same, just pointing out that I do see some strange behavior with acquaintances of mine.

As others have said....If you don't think you smoked, then you didn't. For sure you would have woken up the next day with a god awful taste in your mouth, and your clothes & fingers would stink.

I'd put it behind you and carry on with your quit, well done on 24 days! :D


Thanks guys :D It's behind me, and I'm going to stroll through to day 25 :P


that's the spirit welski ! just look forward to day 26 !


Just keep going, am sure if you had smoked you would of smelt it on yourself.

Your doing a grand job, :)


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