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Day 66 - Checking in - trucking on

Finally... month 3... days are fading into each other, and fags are getting hazy in my mind too except..... yesterday...

My current job is kinda shaky at the moment, and having been in the same role for close to 6 years now... I'm looking around and yesterday was the first interview with the hiring manager... I was nervous.

As usual (been awhile since I last interviewed for jobs), I reached the location couple of hours early, found a coffee place, relaxed and surfed the net. In my previous life, I would be fagging away, and yesterday, that thought did cross my mind. It lingered a fair bit, before it went its merry way.

Just a reminder to myself, that I'm ever that close away from going back down that slippery slope, but I won't. Not without a big fight at least.

Came away clean yesterday, not one puff, woke up this morning, decided to check the counter, and login to post a summary, for posterity's sake. :D

Made it safe ! I don't believe it ! 66 days, and yet after that many days, the hold by Nicodemon remains and I gotta remain vigilant. Always. :)

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It's so very very true,mr NICO is indeed only sat by our sides saint to get in, but we are holding tight.

You have and are doing amazing , just keep going no turning back:)


Tell you what, Edge, if you do need to start some serious job-hunting interviews will be heaps less stressful without the constant worry that the panel can smell the tobacco :).

You overcame what must have been a very powerful trigger yesterday and all I can say is fair play to you because it couldn't have been easy. I'm absolutely certain you're never going back.

Well done, Edge- and already heading to quarter of a year! That's one fantastic achievement. :D


Hi Edged, well done 66 days is brilliant.

Good luck on the interview you had, I'm sure you would have felt more confidant having not smoked....I used to worry about smelling like an ashtray at interviews. :)


66 days is brillant news - congratulations! Hope the interview went well for you, at least you know you will have been sweet smelling!


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