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feeling blah


I am now just over 8 months quit smoking. Basically I haven't had a cigarette in all of 2014 which is something that keeps me going.

I out of no where struggled with it on the weekend, and it has continued to dreaming about being a smoker again :(

Friday night went over to a friends house and everyone but myself and my boyfriend were smoking. Then Saturday I went to spend time at my brothers with some friends, once again everyone smoking! including my brother who is a *casual* smoker he says, he only smokes around smokers, which is total crap lol

havent been on this site in a while and came here to vent, it seems everyone is a smoker around me

trying to keep positive, short time to a year now :)

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It is indeed a very short time to the penthouse, a job well done, in difficult circumstances, hope your proud.

I guess mr NICO can raise his ugly head now and again, we just have to push through!

Doing great:) pleased for you


Smokefree, I think you've hit the nail on the head in what you say about your brother- that he says he's a casual 'social' smoker when actually everyone knows he's a full-blown smoker who is in denial about it. I'll bet even money that he, along with all the other smokers around you at the weekend, were secretly envying you and your OH and wishing they had the willpower & determination to quit.

I wonder if there was a certain amount of pressure being put on the two of you from your brother & co? That may explain why you feel a bit stressy about it.

The main thing is that you stayed strong. I'm 100% certain your quit is for keeps and that the Penthouse doors will be opening for you very soon indeed. :)


Hi Smokefree, 8 months is amazing and I'm sure you would feel awful if you gave in after all this time. Keep reminding yourself of the benefits and that in general, smokers are in the minority now. I was at a party of about 25 people last weekend and there were two smokers (who I immediately noticed in a wishful way - but only briefly) :)


Smoke free I think there will always be periods in our life that smoking will look appealing.

I know someone who quit 25 yrs ago and still says she fancies one sometimes.But I don't think you would go back,8 mths is fantastic 2014 without a fag

That's amazing:D


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