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No Smoking Day
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Day 10

Hey people,

I've posted in day 4 that i was feeling good. Been so busy with work and i couldn't find time to post anything else but sometimes i was reading other peoples stories.

I've been great since i quit smoking. The worst days were the first 2. I'm feeling less and less addicted to smoke. I've beat all my biggest triggers. Morning coffee, after-lunch, booze. There's just one left. A very stressful event. All these 10 days gone past without a major stress so i was lucky.

Thank god i didn't have any issues with my sleeping patterns (only the first 2 days) + Working out helped me a lot to fight the tense.

Hope everyone is doing great.

See you guys in a random section wish you te best :)

4 Replies

Glad it's getting easier Theo, well done to you :)


Nice to see you are doing so well Theodorian!

Great stuff!


Hi Theo, well done on ten days :)


ten days !! woohoo !!!

no matter how sick your're of reading it by now...

it gets better ! :)


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