No Smoking Day
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So many changes going on....maybe time for another?

Off for a job interview this afternoon :D

Not that I am actively looking for a new job - They are head hunting me, and invited me for lunch and a "chat"

So I'm in the driving seat I guess - show me the money $$$$$ :D:D:D

A change is as good as a rest, so maybe a new job will suit the new me?

Hope you are all good

Have a great day


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Well, it's often the way that if you make one positive change everything else follows. What a compliment to you, Andy, and how exciting! I hope the 'informal chat' goes well and leads to something longer term but even if it doesn't it's still an ego-boost to be head hunted isn't it? Well done you!:D


Fingers crossed it goes well :) let us know how you get on won't you? X


Thanks for all the support everyone

Well, the "interview" went very well, although one of the strangest experiences ever. Basically the CEO and the CFO spent 2 hours trying to convince me why I should join their company, they didn't really get into my work experience.....??

Now they want to send me to Berlin to meet with the majority shareholder and I need to let them know what my salary demands are.

Still - a nice ego boost, and what a pleasure not freaking out about how bad a fag stink I have, cramming mints into my gob to try and mask the stench :eek:

Lots to think about and my head is hurting, plus evil fag thoughts are coming on strong :mad: typical....just because my brain is being tested, evil Nico thinks he's in with a chance. Get on your bike mate! I'm wise to your nonsense

Off for a nice relaxing bath now :p:p:p


great news andy !!

im sure the ego boost is doing you good :)

enjoy it bro !! not everyone gets 'head hunted' !!

all the best !!


A new start for the new non smoking you:D


Well. they clearly want you and then some Andy, so it looks like you can call the shots. I expect you'll need time & space to decide what you want to do but whatever your decision is, you'll always have that ego-boost. :)

Well done mate, both on handling the situation and fighting off those Nic attacks. I can understand it- that's the sort of classic 'I need a fag and I need it now' situation isn't it? Enjoy your hot bath followed by a relaxing drink or two is my advice. :D


You are very right Helene, that's what makes these kind of decisions most difficult. As you and your husband have done, my motivation is in spending more time with the family - specifically Jack as he needs more intensive parenting and guidance.

My current job is working for a huge company .....on the telephone early hours in the morning with teams in Asia, during the day with teams in Europe and then wrapped up with calls in the evening with the US. Its long hours, high stress stuff which cant be good for my own health and must have a negative effect on the family....sure, it brings in the money which you need to have but there is so much more to life right.

This other job is much products/industry, international but smaller teams, options to work from home, flex hours, very limited travelling etc.

If I listen to my heart, then the decision is already made to move on to something new. Only my head sometimes tells me different ("think of the risks", "better the devil you know", "you've done this for 15 years, why change now"......)

Time for some serious thinking and reflection for me I think....If I was still smoking I'd be going at it like a chimney at the moment. This is turning into yet another tough trigger, but I will come out of the other side smiling and smoke free! :)


Great news Andy. I am new to this and it definitely helps reading stories like yours. I think it is ok to have those thoughts, sounds like they never go away but not giving in to them is what makes the difference. I just spoke to a colleague who suggested to me in the future that when I get offered a cigarette instead of saying 'No thanks, I have quit smoking' that I replace it with 'No thanks, I do not smoke'.. Allegedly small cognitive things help..

Anyway good luck negotaiting the salary. Well done you!;)


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