No Smoking Day
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Well...guess that serves me right!

First...hi to all of you that have made the Penthouse...brilliant work...

&...yes...I am STILL getting cravings, especially as we've just moved house. Apart from being stressful as all hell, god, how I missed a fag! However, major eye opener at the surgery today. I had my Spirometry test today with the nurse after someone finally listening to me about my everlasting, disgusting major panic attack on the Nebuliser and it still made no difference. She said that she could definitely state my cough was NOT due to asthma and that there seemed to be indications of damage to my lung function...have to now wait for the GP to see them but she also said that I had the lung function of a 70 year old! & that, frankly, it was fortunate I had quit smoking when I looks like the good old COPD has arrived...& I only have myself to blame. least I gave up when I could have been SO much worse :eek:

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:( Oh no, hopefully the outcome of this will be the best it can and good luck. Like you say it's defo a good job you quit when you did or this could have been worse.

Hope all goes well.


So sorry to read this, and great you have stopped, with all the stress re moving ect, would have been easy to cave in.:)

I do hope your results are ok. :)


Oh I do hope not, Sophie, but even if it is COPD there's lots to be done by way of managing it so that the effect on your day to day life is as minimal as possible. And as your nurse has said, you've already done the one most important thing you can do to limit the effects. At least a proper diagnosis will get things moving in terms of medication and therapy....

Thanks for your very brave post too. It helps to remind us all of why we're really here.


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