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Day 18 - Busy busy busy

Hiya folks

Sorry I wasn't in yesterday, have been up to my eyes in it at work. So looking forward to my annual leave tomorrow and chilling out.

Was out with my son yesterday evening for an amble with the doggy daughter. My son is doing a National Professional qualification in football coaching and you'll never guess. . . he had me jogging around the local parks football pitch for . . . . 8 minutes. Yes.... might not seem a lot to some folk but when you've just stopped smoking a few weeks, I was freaking out at his request. But he encouraged me to do it even though I hadn't thought about doing any jogging on the outset (remember folks I was just taking doggy for a walk.... what a liberty!!! lol) Its usual that when he is doing his training with his local football club that they make the guys in the team do a jog.

Ok ok he wasn't out with his team but he was out with me and so he made me his subject. Hmmmm. I laughed as we walked together on the way home, he requested £19.95 for the one on one training. Ha ha ha. I said that was a dear 8 minutes. Funny wee lad he is, he don't half make me giggle :D

Anyway, I survived the jog and I might add, I was able to run without stopping. Although the heart was pumping away, as I felt, to the max . .as my son put it, he could've walked quicker in the last minute. Well! My cheeks were flaming purple :eek: (not really ) but I surprised myself as I didn't think I would be able to do it.

Think I'll start doing a bit of interval training to see how I get on. I spoke with a friend of mine last night who has recently started jogging with a local running club. She is an ex smoker herself and also last week completed a 5k run for charity. Well done, Ruthy. I love her spirit. She has challenged me to a 5k run in September so I don't know whether I'll be ready for it but gonna enquire with the running club if it would be possible. I might not have left myself much time to prepare.

Ok just a flying visit today as Ive plenty more to be getting on with before the end of tomorrow.

Take care for now



Breathe free and stay safe

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Hi Helene

I think he has a sense of humour just like me. Like mother like son lol


That's great Paula :)

I think you could be ready for a 5k run by September if you really go for it. What an incentive! You'll be at the Commonwealth Games before you know it...

Well done though and what a lovely story! Your son sounds like a wonderful lad.


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