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Day 38 - Checking in..


Thankful to one and all that I remain off the fags.

I am a nicotine addict, and have to constantly remind myself that once an addict, I will always be. I shall not give in to the urges.

Now the good things that has happened thus far...... more space in my pocket for tissues, car keys, phones, more stamina, tons of time saved from shuttling between smoking points and my desk, fingers that are clean and odorless, money saved. :D

It's Thursday now, looking forward to my Saturday, going for a long bike ride with a group of 35 others, it should be fun.

Did have a couple of urges today, I noted them down in my phone, checked into the forum to read a couple of threads, and I think i should be stable.

Have a good day all.

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35 newbies.. ;)

It should be leisurely, we are exploring the coast of a neighbouring country, flat tarmac roads, with some gravel perhaps, seafood lunch, perhaps lobsters I think. :D

Times like these, I do get urges, you know sitting by the beach, smoking, or just after lunch... but no no no no... I'm looking forward to the ride, and a smoke-free weekend.

That sounds lovely Edge. Save me some lobster would you? ;)

I know what you mean- I still have the odd 'moment'- but it really is just a fleeting moment now (more like a memory than a crave). I wouldn't go back for a million dollars and I know you wouldn't either.

Hope you have a fantastic time :)

Well done Edged, 38 days is fantastic. You are doing so well and seem very positive. :)

I do oh so love reading your posts , how fantastic you are doing, just keep pushing through.

Fantastic, doing oh so very well:)

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