day 7

starting day 7...

feeling good after the no fail on the alchohol trigger last night...

sleep ? not really any better...

but not much of quitters flu this morning...

looking forward to riding this one out....though I have to wonder how to celebrate this, a cigar i guess would not be the best option :p

the only stress i can foresee in this day is india getting its butt kicked in cricket, and warming, conflicts, WTO neogtiations bla bla bla

but i guess i got u guys, ill be ok :)

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  • Hi well done on getting past the alcohol trigger:D

    A Cigar would put you back to square 1 my friend.

  • Welcome to Day 7 !!

    It's early days, triggers could be frequent, but the answers will always be the same; NO to fags. Stress, alcohol, etc will not send us back to smoking; only our own conscious decision to smoke. And we are not going to. :D

  • Pseudo, well done you. A whole week is great and the sleeping will improve with time. Keep posting here. You will be a month before you realise. :)

  • thanks guys !!

    the cigar comment was a joke :p

  • chocolate, dark. works !

  • Cheering you on. N.O.P.E. to cigar!!!!!

    (N)Not (O)One (P)Puff (E)Ever on any nicotine!



    Breathe free and stay safe

  • Oh and I have a (self hypnosis) cd on insomnia (wasn't that expensive, a few pounds on ebay) that I bought I think about 2 years ago. I only have got around to using it.

    I must say I think its helpful, Im out like a light but there again Im exercising more. Perhaps a combination of the two.

    Might help.

  • , a cigar i guess would not be the best option :p


    Seriously, though, congratulations Pseudo. You're doing really, really well and deserve a big pat on the back (and a few more drinks to help you sleep ;)).

    Nearly the weekend and hopefully you can catch up a bit then.

  • thanks skiddaw !

    im glad someone actually read what i wrote about the cigar :p

    day 7 is almost over...gonna try n get some sleep.

    been a messed up tough week, glad i got through it.

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