No Smoking Day
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day 6

damn..the no sleep situation got worse last night...

though the quitters flu isnt all that bad this morning...cravings are strong....strangely stronger than earlier days....

usual triggers, force of habit i guess.....morning coffee....heavy breakfast...

its going to be an interesting day....still planning to 'hide in' and ride it through, damn its just stressful !!! have an important call in the afternoon, india is not doing well in the cricket and it goes on n on...

i have to say, reading other peoples experiences ( i try to read a day or two in advance ) to see what to expect, and the support from everyone here sure as hell is helping.

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Hang on in there psuedo!

Really, the worst is behind you = the physical withdrawl

Now its the evil Dr. Nico playing mind games with you, desperately trying to bring you back. You are stronger than him, you choose not to smoke!

Drink water, eat too much, go for a run, stand on your head, rant on this forum - whatever it takes, just dont give in

One minute, hour, day, week at a time

We're all with you all the way!

Keep strong today, sending loads of positive vibes your way!:D


Good morning Pseudo

I too had sleeping problems for a few weeks but it will get better soon, and this site is a great help so just keep reading and posting. I hope you have a good day and the triggers aren't too many :)


thanks guys,

ive been usin this forum as my SOS every time the craving is strong !

i get on here, read your encouraging messages and how others have soldiered on...and its been helping !


Nearly a week amazing it's just so horrid those early days, hang tight it is a roller coaster, but you can do this.

If it was a breeze no one would smoke So aweek nearly done, a huge thumbs up from me, doing so very well.

Keep going will get easier, :)


so.....i went out for a few beers...

had more than a few...


bring it on day 7 !!!!


Yeah, bring it on! What a result! Amd the beer tastes at least as good, if not even better! :)

Almost the one week done, great stuff!


Delighted to see you're still with us Pseudo........also delighted with England's cricketing performance ;)

Well done enjoying a 'few' beers and not cracking. Hopefully they'll help you sleep. You'll find you are able to enjoy all the things you used to enjoy as a smoker. One by one you'll smash all the triggers and associations. Each time you do something you used to enjoy doing with a smoke in your'll break the link between the two.

Bring on day 7! Top stuff :D


thanks guys..

it was great to get over that trigger and not succumb....

cause any other night many beers and a pack of cigarettes would have been no big deal...

andy - sure it does ! also i can tell the difference between two brands now :p

tractorgirl - have to be honest, i had a week plus accidental sobriety stint before i im loving the timing of my quit

dippy - when you say breaking associations, i am thinking about something i read, how 'everything' revolves around smoking....and when your're quitting how this is a daily hurdle ! im glad i got this BIG one out of the way !


Nice one pseudo :D

You'll break through more of the trigger points and notice more of the benefits with every passing day. Keep well armed though, as you'll almost certainly encounter the odd curved-ball when you least expect it.

Many, many congratulations on completing your first week. Well done mate! :)


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