No Smoking Day
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day 5

its been all terrible so far...

firstly, i got no sleep last night...after whatever little i did, i woke up feling like crap...

have had an insanse headache, my nose's been running, sneezing, coughing, coughing up phlegm like my throat hurts as if someones got a choke hold on it !

and its left me really irritated and pissed off, feel like ripping someones head off !!!

on the bright side...never felt like smoking much when had a cold anyway :)

let's see how the rest of the day pans out

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ahh not good when you dont sleep and feel like crap just remember to drink plenty of water and i promise you it will get better

keep that positive mindset and when your feeling low just come and post/rant on here

one of the best things about this place is the support you get from people that know what your going through

onwards and upwards is the only way to go



It's just so horrid those early days..... all these symptoms are your body trying to heal its self!,, I,m sure these will pass soon but if you can hang tight, get your first week done,and you will start to feel better...

Quitting the fags is HARD, but not impossible, and many on here particularly this week have made the pent house.

I do hope to day us better I have a feeling it will be. as the hardest is now behind you, and you never have those days to go through again.

Please keep going, am sending positive thoughts your way for day Remember the hardest is done.

Good look and hope you have a more peaceful day.


Oh Pseudo, I remember it well...there's nothing I can say to make it any easier- everything you are experiencing is perfectly normal (disturbed sleep is very common indeed, and look up 'quitters flu' re the cold symptoms) but it WILL pass, I promise it will. No-one tells you that you'll feel worse before you start to feel better but if you can hold on, once you're through it you'll never have to go through it again and it won't be long before all the wonderful, positive things about quitting start to make themselves felt.

I hope today is a better day for you. Just hang on in there and grit your teeth and you'll soon be breaking though the pain barrier. You can do it, you really can, and we'll all be here to help you as much as we possibly can. :)


Hi Pseudo, poor you. The no sleeping does go away, I had the same problem in the early part of my quit but it's better now.

At least you can still see the positive, I never felt much like smoking when I was ill either. I hope your day gets better :)


Keep going pseudo

No sleep is really crap, but it will pass and it will get better

Good job using the forum for a rant.....we've all been there and will support you all the way!



Ahhh the no sleeping phase. My advice for this is not to let yourself get wound up when you can't sleep (I know this is hard), and if you have lay in bed longer than 40 mins and still can't sleep the best thing to do is get up and do something for an hour like reading (no tv, phones etc because the blue light is proven to wake you up).

This lasted about two weeks for me, I know it is tough atm but it does get better. Best of luck x


thanks so much for your words of advice guys...they are really helping...

the rest of the day was, well...pretty crappy to be honest...

as the cold wore off...the craving grew strong...

but on a positive note, after a huge dinner of carbonara, chocolate deserts (2 of them) i avoided any beer which would have been one helluva trigger for me !!...


Nice one psued :)

I had to avoid alcohol like the plague for a bit- just too many associations- but you will be pleased to know that I can now drink again with impunity (and, indeed, with any one else who hoves into view ;)) with no cravings whatsoever. Another bonus is that you will find that miraculously, quitting smoking results in reduced (or absent) hangovers. Don't know how that works but it really is true...

In the meantime, keep eating the carbonara, or chocolate pudding, or biscuits, or crisps, or furniture, or whatever else you need to do to beat the craves. It'll pass soon and then you'll feel a whole lot better.

All the best for your Day 6. Nearly a week under your belt already!! How fantastic is that? :)


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