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I don't know if I will get bad feedback for this but stopping was not hard, scary nor difficult

I really would say if it is your first attempt to quit don't listen to story's of hardship skip nrt and always try cold turkey first

There's nothing wrong with nrt in essence but immediately your will see quiting as an replacement aided event, try the "hardest" way first then look at nrt

Don't get me wrong I have had dreams where I am smoking but I have also had dreams I am flying

Neither is going to happen

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Absolutely. Really glad for you Con, and will hope it continues to be a breeze. I know there are other forum regulars who found it comparitively easy and I say fair play to you.

Horses for courses I think. I couldn't have made it through the first few weeks without some NRT. Whatever works is the best way forward whatever it happens to be. We're all different but we certainly all have the same goal :)


Sometimes I think quitting smoking is like childbirth, we forget the pain. I have to constantly remind myself how bad it was at first when I sometimes think "ahh it musn't have been that bad if I got through it."


A lot of it depends on your expectations, if you expect it to be hard then it will be.

If you are willing to believe that its going to be straightforward (personally I prefer that word to easy) then it can be that too.

The only danger to watch out for is some people who find it easy fall into the trap of thinking "well that wasn't too hard so if I start again then I can just stop whenever want" unfortunately I've seen a few of them.


I don't know I think back to start of quit and cannot think of anything to remind me of how bad quit was because it was not

The possibility of smoking again seems nil BBB there are a whole sequence of events that have to happen before you smoke, not just going to fall over and land on a lit cigarette

Coming up to a month gone I have been drunk, social and personal situations where others smoke in close proximity, one person even blew smoke in my face as they knew I had quit (yep there are people like that)

Not once felt tempted to smoke

Not smoking=you have to do nothing

Smoking=invest time, money and health

I am good at not doing nothing sometimes :D


I don't like swearing but if ever there was a place for it, it would be my view for smoking

Smoking can **** off

Not big or clever but if I had to put my thoughts on smoking in one sentence that would be it

Smoking does not aid, assist or help in any way it only seems that way, because that's the place you give it in your life

Not no more


Coma you are right but I think you will find women tend to find it harder as we have more of a chimp brain than men.

Trying to train the chimp part of your brain is hard. Thats the emotions and wurzel part of the brain, for those who havent read the book x

What's an emotion ? :D


I do wish I could think like a man more, life would be so easier x

Yes. but think of all you would miss, Deb. The ability to multi-task for example. Not to mention the ability to shop and eat cake. Sometimes simultanously. ;)


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