No Smoking Day
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Day 14 - Onwards and upwards

Seems the painting is filling in nicely with my spare time which I perhaps would've wasted on spending time smoking and by the time I would've settled from having a puff, it was time for another one so the painting got put on the back burner. How we all rewarded ourselves for trying to do a job that took longer to complete because of the dreaded evil Nico. Well no more of that for me either. The years Ive wasted on someone beats me. And how some double standards have kicked me right in the teeth by a vile evil monster.

Just listen to me. . . I can hear him whispering in my ear. . . Well! Im no Marjorie Proops to listen to your problems anymore Mr Evil. How that name becomes an anagram when you look closely . . . . VILE, yes you are.

V E I L . . . how he tries to cloud my very judgement. Very cunning and crafty aren't you...

Evil Nico has some addictive qualities. Now that's a topic to consider. I would hate to have to be addicted to Alcohol. Is he that same person crying in your ear. No point in drinking to excess if it has caused nasty situations and memory loss. Evil Nico, go plaster yourself while I plaster my walls with my art.

Thank God I only had one vice.

Sorry folks, I know Im venting but my reasons are justifiable. Yesterday while painting I was angry. Today Im relaxed and realise I have a future without it.

No words in this thread are intended to insult anyone on this forum.

Breathe free and stay safe


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Keep going Paula, you're doing fab!


Paula, may your Week Three be laid back and free of craves. You certainly deserve it to be. You're doing brilliantly well- good for you! :)

What were you painting? Like Helene, I'm curious.

Helene, we use both (brushes and rollers).


At least your being productive and have something to show for your time now rather than taking a few minutes of your life regularly. Good luck in week 3 x


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