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Day 11 - Following in some great footsteps

Good morning to those that inspire me from this forum.

What a glorious day comrades. The sun is shining, Im up, hoovered around, a washing in the machine, doggy fed and watered, I'm showered, dressed, hair done, makeup on and a wee fake tan around the south digits.

Another day emerges and I realise . . .aint life bloomin marvellous folks. We are alive and breathing, the flowers blooming in the garden these last few months, such an amazing lifes phenomenom. Each flower, so so pretty. Like life, if we don't look after it, it will wither and die. Nourish it and water it, it will flourish, grow strong and blossom.

Had a great laugh with my boyfriend yesterday evening as we watched Lee Evans on Comedy Central. He's so funny. I haven't laughed as much in ages. I remember (nice for it to be a memory now) many of a time laughing and near choking my intestines up at the same time (all because my lungs were congested from smoking) with the result that I had to physically stop myself or I would have been sick. The enjoyment now from here on in. I can laugh now til I watch my head roll on the floor and that's me not even being tickled. Oh a belly laugh is so so good.

By the way I love singing, and profess to not being the best singer around but can hold a wee tune. Aint it funny how when you stumbled outa bed and stumbled to the kitchen, poured yourself a cup of ambition, yawning, stretching, trying to come to life, feels a wee bit different now. Ok the sun is shining and that makes everyone feel a little bit more energetic but I realise I've got more energy. My body is no longer tired, my complexion feels less old, the wrinkles on my face seem less creviced. Did someone inject me with botox in my sleep? lol Apparently you can look a year younger one month after stopping smoking. I welcome it.

Well, I was doing a bit of reading, as per usual and came across something that I never knew. Guess how many days it takes for the immune system to start repairing itself after stopping smoking? I was amazed when I read this. 15 Days folks. Yeah, that's all. 15 days. I like that fact very much.

Our bodies are much closer to doing what they normally do. Self propelled and a day ahead of yesterday, Im inspired by you all. I think I'll make a daisy chain this evening. . . like we are all holding hands together.

Anyway folks, got work to do,

Laters y'all


Breathe free and stay safe

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