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Folks....Read this please !!!!!!


I came across this at my tea break in my curiosity to find out when the Cilia grow back in the lungs.

Very interesting read. It sure backs up all my reasons to stay quit that's for sure.

I realise now what happened to my Aunt who died back in 2010 with lung

cancer.... as it was told to us that her cancer had spread and when she was diagnosed, it was just too late. She went into hospital on 28th October with fluid in one of her legs and a few days later (5th November) she was diagnosed with lung cancer. It had already spread to other parts of her body. She died exactly a month later on 28th November, that fateful Sunday morning at our local Foyle Hospice.

It was such a shock as we never got long with her. So so tragic.

Please read - the more we educate ourselves the easier it will be to refrain.

Especially this bit

"""Continued smoking may eventually lead to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema) or lung cancer. In fact, smoking eventually destroys the cilia, which may then be displaced by an excessive number of basal cells or squamous cells. Over time, these cells may become cancerous. They may also become rogue, escaping through lung tissue and invading other parts of the body."""

Folks, really time to take stock, huh???

Breathe free and stay safe


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