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It was a sunny Thursday in 2008

On a nice sunny Thursday, much like today I popped out for my lunchtime smoke before my colleague went for her lunch at 1:30 PM.

The plan had been to quit at the weekend, I think, but as I reached the end of the pack I thought, I don’t want to buy any more so I decided to start my next attempt to quit there and then.

I went to the chemist and bought NRT lozenges, then I revived my old membership to this place, dating back to 2006 when I had signed up on one of my many, many failed attempts. I was a serial quitter, I would do a week or a month or 3 then reward myself for being so good by having a smoke.

It wasn’t until I met all the great people here that the penny dropped and I understood that quitting wasn’t a sacrifice, it wasn’t a situation of depriving myself of some great pleasure, it was a case that I was doing something positive. I was taking back control, recovering health and stopping sending money up in smoke.

I am quite glad that when I quit E-cigs weren’t commonplace, I think if they had been I could have easily become a vaper. In that way I would still have been nicotine dependent and not had the benefits of getting that drug out of my system.

Was it easy? Well no but it wasn’t as hard as it had been when I regarded it as making a sacrifice, which is why the right mental attitude i.e. trading mindsets is so useful.

Was it quick? Not really but then I had been a smoker for most of my adult life so smoking was the norm and learning how to live life without the crutch of a fag takes some time.

Was it worth it? Oh yes. I am no longer ruled by nicotine, I am a less stressed person, I am healthier, I am no longer burning my money and I don’t miss smoking.

When I started doing martial arts the senior examiner said to us on our first grading: - A black belt is only a white belt that never gave up. The same is true in quitting when you have a goal in sight the only way to achieve it is to never give up.

It is now six years since my last cigarette and not a puff has passed my lips since, hopefully I’ll manage a little celebratory ride on the new bike and a pint of beer this evening.

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For a confirmed serial quitter like me Nic this is a truly an inspirational post. It just shows what can be done if you put your mind to it.

I've been reading a few similar success stories on here and I think they've finally hit a nerve with me because for once in my life I really think I'm in the right frame of mind to face my quit head on and stick it out.

I wish I was as far ahead as you are now but I will get there.

Well done on a fantastic achievement.



Wow, I love the black belt analogy. It's great to hear when a former slave to tobacco becomes a calmer, healthier and happier soul - Congratulations Nic, enjoy the beer ;)


Wow enjoyed reading every word of this fantastic post, so THANKYOU

It's posts like this that help me every day just to keep going in my quit.. :)

Just brilliant:cool:


Blimey, Nic, 6 whole years! :D

It's like trying to imagine infinity or something....

Flipping well done. I SO hope I can say the same 5 years & 5 months hence.

Thanks for sharing- that really was inspiring :)


Thanks all,

There have been some great "17th" quitters over the years Hélène.:)


Thanks all,

There have been some great "17th" quitters over the years Hélène.:)

17th November 2007.

I'm spotting a pattern here...

Fine post Mr Firth. :)


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